Please add disabling badge on the icon (Browser extension)

Please add a function to the Settings section that will disable the display of digital notifications on the icon.


Out of curiosity, what value does the notification removal bring?

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Aesthetic pleasure. I do not like to see any notifications in the icon bar. Of my extensions, only Bitwarden remains, which still does not know how to hide these notifications.

Have you tried auto-locking? You can configure a pin and set timer to 1 minute. The icon will change to Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 12.14.33

Not only you’ll stop seeing the notification, but it will be safer too.

I do not want to block anything. I just want to disable this function in the settings, which is responsible for displaying notifications on the icon.

More people will need to be recruited to meet this critical demand.


This issue is a very old request. It amazes me that still to this day it has not been addressed: Option to Remove Number of Matching Logins Badge