Play nice with existing Docker environment

I am trying to setup Bitwarden in an existing Docker environment without losing the ability to use Bitwarden’s update scripts.
I have hit a couple of road blocks:

  1. I can’t use the update script, because it tries to delete the default network, which is used by other containers as well
  2. There is no guidance on how to operate Bitwarden on an environment with many applications, which are all behind a reverse proxy like traefik.
    I tried to do it like this:
  • In config.yml, let it create an nginx config without ssl
  • Create a traefik rule that forwards traffic to https :// to http ://bitwarden-nginx:8080

The result is that bitwarden seems to work, but I am unable to access the admin area. Navigating to https :// redirects to http ://bitwarden-nginx:8080/admin/login?returnUrl=%2Fadmin