PIN Unlock in Forefox no longer working in 2023.8.3

Still can’t log in Bitwarden on Firefox.

Installing the extension from GitHub works until I close FF, then I have to reinstall the extension.

How can I force the permanent installation of the extension on FF?

I am still not able to log in the FF extension with PIN nor Biometric, password works.
BW extension does ask for the password, nothing else. BW Windows app does ask for PIN/Biometric.
How can I force the extension to ask for PIN ?

@BW Team, this is a very bad situation. Many less informed BW users will switch to a simpler, less secure master password if the situation where they cannot use a PIN continues. Installing the extension from a Github repository is not an option for these users.

This is a time critical issue. With every hour that passes, new potentially vulnerable users are created.


@aidler I think you are 200% right!
I consider doing it myself too.
Or switching back to the Firefox built-in password manager :thinking:, how safe or unsafe would that be?
My personal password is 17 long, has small characters + capitals + numbers + special signs. Perfectly safe but difficult. :joy: Entering it so often makes me type my password fluent by now, I couldn’t a month ago :roll_eyes: In fact, I can’t even type blind !
Of course I want a minimum security for my private PC, thus a difficult password is not for nothing.
However making my PC secured like Fort Knox is not only excessive, it’s completely unnecessary too.


Still no fix??? Where are you Bitwarden, are you asleep floating in the sea?

I am not sure there is a real fix.
Or maybe there is?

As this worked for me, try installing desktop 2023.9.0, Firefox add on 2023.8.3, if needed manual install.

This was fixed on September 20, and is included in the 2023.9.1 release of the browser extension. If your browser extension store does not have it yet, you can download it from here:

  1. I don’t have 2023.9.1 extension and it works for me now
  2. the 2023.9.1 is not verified, this a workaround that needs to be repeated everey
    time, When will it be verified?

Good thing Proton released new password manager. Still have Bitwarden, but this forced me to explore.

That’s a question for Mozilla.

When in Firefox asking for an update for the BW extension, there is none.
This urges me to ask why does it takes so long as did the youngest previous updates as well ?
Or is this just passing the culprit ?
May a user not expect to get a working extension as soon as it’s released (or very short after)?
Should Bitwarden as a serious Password Manager not take up its responsibility and ask Mozilla why they are delaying verification?
I add that this is not only on the interest of Bitwarden, but Mozilla as well. I read several users (me included) changed temporarily to Edge. When the issues keep on, why not permanent change to Edge? So Mozilla also has an interest in not delaying verification. So why???

Probably pure coincidence :innocent: , Firefox add on now updated to 2023.9.1 :clap:

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Sadly 2.9.1 has not solved it for me. I can tick the PIN box and enter a PIN but the moment I close the window the setting is lost (other settings are retained).

Firefox 118.0.1, Bitwarden app 2023.9.1, Firefox extension 2023.9.1

New Version 2023.9.1 works for me. Finally

Working for me now. Thanks guys.

Yay, working again! Thanks guys :smiley: And sorry to all for the typo in the title, just noticed it now :man_facepalming:

Still not working for me. Firefox version: 118.0.2 (64 bit); Bitwarden addon version: 2023.9.2; OS: Windows 11 (fresh install, previously it was worked)

I’ve tried to re-install the addon but it’s not working. (I have some individual configuration in firefox config page as well.)

When I click on the unlock with PIN and I uncheck the “Lock with master password on browser restart” then it works, but otherwise if I keep the tick in the box, it loses the setting as soon as I click to another page and back. :pensive:

I’m still having this issue as well. FF version: 119.0.1 (64 bit), addon version: 2023.10.2, OS: Windows 10

Same, I can’t set the PIN without uncheking “Lock with master password on browser restart” .

Firefox (64bit) version: 120.0.1 - BW Addon version 2023.10.2 - OS:Windows 11

I am having the same issue. When I try to set the PIN, the setting is not saved. I can set it, but immediately when I open the extension again, the PIN setting is unchecked. It only work if I uncheck “Lock with master password on browser restart”

This is happening on all my Firefox browsers on 3 different Windows 10/11 machines. Bitwarden extension 2023.12.0