PIN Bug in latest beta version in Android

I don’t know if this is the right place to report this but I encountered a bug in the latest beta version of Bitwarden app for Android.

In the latest beta version, the PIN that I set on the settings to open my vault is no longer recognized. It will just show an error saying “PIN is invalid. Please try again”. I did the troubleshooting like reinstalling the app it doesn’t fix the problem. I even set a “1234” just to ensure that I entered a correct PIN when accessing the vault. Still shows invalid PIN. After multiple attempts, it automatically logout the account and it won’t allow me to login again using the master password as it shows “We’re unable to process bla bla bla”. I had to clear the apps data or reinstall it just to be able to login again.
On my other phone, it works fine so I check all the settings and noticed that the app on my other phone is the stable version where on the phone where I’m encountering the issue is the latest beta version. I immediately uninstalled the beta version and leave the beta program just to install the stable version. After installing the stable version, everything works fine now.

The reason why I’m posting this is to bring this to developer’s attention so that this bug can be prevented from entering the stable version.
If this is not the right place to report such bug, please let me know the proper channel to report it. Thank you.

@Tony1 Hi!

There is a bug report on GitHub ( [beta][android] unlocking with pin or masterpass not possible after first login · Issue #3214 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub ) where you can add your experience.

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