Personalised Vaults for certain situations

It would be great to have the ability to create share and maintain vaults inside a Bitwarden account

Certain people can have access to a vault and can view, print, and copy the items in them. When you share a vault with someone they also have the ability to create, edit, and delete the items in it. This would be great for companies and or families/friends that need to share a password to an account or just the WIFI password.

This is an example:

How is this different from organizations and collections?

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This would be available for normal accounts because this kind of feature doesn’t exist in the normal version of Bitwarden

What do you consider the “normal version” ?

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The version everyone gets when they make a personal Bitwarden account

But you do realize that for a lot of people the “normal version” is the one you pay for? Transferring premium features from the paid to the unpaid version cannot be the solution. If something is important to you and you want it to survive, grow and even flourish you have to put in something. This can be work, energy or money. In the case of Bitwarden all I can offer to support them is a little bit of money. I however also understand that for a lot of people this may be too much.


I never said that.

its a feature that doesn’t exist and I’m willing to pay for premium to get it

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Thank you for the clarification.
I am sorry and I am not trying to troll but like @Cjkeenan I do not see the difference between the feature you are asking for and the organizations and collections that already exist. Over here it is late and I am tired. Perhaps tomorrow I will see it.

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haha thats ok, its quite late for me too :smiley:

Also, there are free organizations, the only limitation is that they are two people only and only two collections (vaults).

But honestly, I do not see how your request is any different from what is available, free is two people and two collections, family is six people and unlimited collections, and enterprise/team is a per person cost with unlimited collections. Each collection then has unique permissions per user (your idea of personalized vaults). Please correct me if I am wrong but that is how I see it.

Also if all of your collections are part of a single organization, i.e. not multiple free organizations, you can even view all passwords since collections are effectively folders but for the organization.

Check this documentation out and see if it provides what you are asking for:
Get Started with Organizations | Bitwarden Help & Support

Note: I joined the community forum specifically to address this need.

Maybe this would clarify. In the Premium Personal Plan Pricing there is a dash in the “Max Collections” rows for both “Free Individual” and “Premium”. Even though OP @Korat seemed to go in multiple direction at the start, they did eventually say:

That is where I am also. I am a paying user of LastPass (and countless other services because I believe in supporting products so that I am not the product ) Even though the recent press around LastPass did not affect me as a paying customer, it did cause me to learn about Bitwarden. I am grateful because this organization better aligns with my beliefs and I am willing to pay for Bitwarden even though my LastPass membership is far from expiring.

Hopefully that addresses @Peter_H 's point of

Now that we have respectfully addressed that, I will proceed to my need.

In my career as a DevOps consultant, I have LOTS of credentials to secure. I have multiple laptops sent to me by different companies and I have to use each for only that client’s work. I don’t want to place anything on machine A that belongs to company B, or that is personal to me.

I am a new Bitwarden user, so I may be incorrect in my assessment. However, it seems that “collections” are the way to manage this. Unfortunately, collections are excluded from the Personal Premium plan so I am unable to explore that.

Is there a better way to address this need?

Thank you in advance.

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So everyone has access to the free organization, the only limitation on that is that it is 2 users and 2 collections. You can also subscribe to a enterprise or team account and then you get unlimited collections.

So if you are purely trying to segment your data, I think multiple free organizations are they way to go. But if you need to share that data then you likely will have to go down the enterprise/teams route or maybe the family route if 6 people is enough.

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Maybe instead of encouraging people to create multiple Free Organizations, Bitwarden should allow Paying Premium Individuals to have a way to segregate data into collections and then only sync certain collections onto certain devices. As it stands, the options for an individual are:

  1. Pay x4 for a 6 user Family Plan and use only 1
  2. Pay Nothing for multiple Free Organizations and kludge together an unintended bodge

Why do we (Bitwarden) structure it that way? Because allowing an individual to organize the data we are storing requires x4 infrastructure costs? No. Because we haven’t thought about the needs of the individual? Yes.

I want to pay for the products I use because I want them to survive and I don’t want to be the product. Many people don’t share this view. <hyperbole class=“snark: 80%; forgiveness: requested;”> Facebook has 2,800,000,000 active users. If all those people sign up for a Free Organization, even Premium customers are going to lose out because the company will collapse. </hyperbole>

If you do not care about sharing, then the first part of that statement can easily be done with the use of folders.

Now the second part I agree has no such feature and I see that as interesting, kind of like when setting up Onedrive or Google Drive on a new computer and it asks which folders you want to sync. But you should ask yourself why do you want this feature. With a normal cloud storage service it is there so that you do not fill up your hard drive with files that you don’t need. But passwords are incredibly small, so other than cleanliness why does this feature need to exist? And also does it warrant kicking other features out of line for it?

But what it appears like you are saying, at least to me, is that you want to pay for something that they currently offer for free.

Why not make it possible to have multiple vaults per account?
one account → many vaults
That way you have separation of data, some people asked for vault in a vault feature or a “fake” vault, this would also solve this.
e.g Nested vaults to implement multiple security levels
"Fake" Vault for Plausible Deniability

I dont know how backend works, but could you add a new optional parameter to a login e.g number

then the server would get your login request and this number, number would be match with a vault so server know which vault to send.

It would also be a security improvement as not only you would need to guess password/login, but also correct number (unless someone used default)

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They are already working on this. It is called Client Profiles:

Source: Bitwarden Roadmap - #124 by tgreer

And according to their roadmap it is planned for late summer:

Source: Bitwarden Roadmap

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