Personal API key usage

Hi there,

I just discovered that Bitwarden has a personal API key available. As I’m trying to automate a few tasks for me and my organization, I had a quick glance at it, hoping it will allow me to avoid storing my passphrase on my computer. Let’s explain :

I have the responsibility to create new org’s collections for our teams when needed. I’m tracking changes with a git repo and a few tricks to trigger a collection sync when a new commit is added. I would love to see a service account and/or API to be able to do so directly with the organization’s “profile”, however I’m aware that it’s not possible at the moment. That’s why I’m currently doing such tasks by using my personal admin account.

I was hoping that the personal API key would at least allow me to automate this task without having to enter my master passphrase, but as the wiki stated I have to enter my master passphrase even when using the personal API key.

Hence my question. If I understand correctly, in order to add/edit collections, I have to :

  • either log in with my id/pw and then use the CLI tool
  • or log in with the API key, then decrypt the vault using the master passphrase, and the use the CLI tool.

I think I’m missing something here, because I see absolutely no use to this API key, so far. What’s the point ? Having to locally store my email address or my personal API key makes no difference if I have to store and/or be prompted for my master passphrase whatsoever.

What do I misunderstand here ?

Aaaannnd I just realized that the API has been improved recently, allowing to create and edit collections and members and groups and changing the world ! Amazing !

When we first experimented with automatic sync, we had to combine different tools in order to obtain the desired result (bwdc for users and groups, bw cli and the old API to check existing collections and sync new ones). From what I can see, the public API can now handle it all and more. That’s a great improvement and will help us do a better job at automating all that !

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