Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data

Thanks for the feedback everyone, just a reminder for any new visitors to this thread that Firefox/Opera users can take advantage of the sidebar functionality to create a persistent UI in the main browser window.

Hi Bitwarden community, first post here, forgive me if this has been requested already:

Clicking outside the extension window causes it to close and lose any unsaved changes. When adding notes to an item for example, I frequently try to copy text from elsewhere on the page (or another app/program), and I click outside intending to select the text, but in doing so I lose any edits and thus I repoen the extension window, find the item I was working on, click to edit the item, and then repeat the process of making changes.

The obvious solution (of course!) is to click Save “:floppy_disk:” before leaving the window, but I’m a doofus and I don’t always remember to do that. A second option is to click “:arrow_upper_left:” to pop out to a new window, which keeps the window open and reduces the chances of me closing it unintentionally AND increases the chances I’ll remember to save. However the pop-out feature is almost always an afterthought when I’ve already forgotten to save in the first place (…and an inelegant workaround at that, since it requires juggling multiple windows… terrible I know!)

Therefore, to help clumsy users like me, would it be possible to enable a feature that:

  1. Prompts the user to save changes before leaving the extension window; or

  2. Saves changes automatically (and if possible, allows the user to revert to previous save states); or

  3. Keeps the extension docked to the browser, i.e. ensures it stays open in the event of wayward clicks; or

  4. [insert some other solution here]?

On the scale of everything, it’s such a minor problem, but an annoying one that I’m sure many have run into, and one that I hope invites/inspires an easy fix. Thank you shark den for your consideration.

Feature name

  • Preserve search field text after opening and closing a search result like on mobile app

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Currently, when searching for an item, picking a result, and closing it, the search field is cleared out. Instead, the search field should stay populated until you clear it yourself. This is how it already works on the iOS app.
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Right now if you search and want to check out a bunch of the results, you have to re-type the search each time after choosing an item. If the search was preserved, it’d make it easier and faster to check out many results one after another, and then just clear the search when you’re done.

When editing a vault item, there needs to be a warning about unsaved items if one should click off the browser extension. Or, instead of reverting back to the original, keep edit window active. I must have done this 50 times already (You’d think I’d learn by now). Such a pain to go back in, open the item, click edit, etc etc.

As I understand, it’s impossible to make the popup window persistent in Webextensions API, so the optimal way is to auto-save the window state (opened item, all data entered in forms, focus on form element, etc) on “window hide” event, and restore it after re-opening. Or maybe even make this ‘auto-save’ always on each state change.

It’s actually over four years. There’s a similar thread here:

and, when I raised it on Github, I was told it was a feature not a bug, the Issue was closed and I was told to come to these forums instead:

This kind of thing is so infuriating.

The developers decide to make their app work in a certain way and then --no matter how many people point out, for however many years, that the design is wrong-- they point blank refuse to deviate from that original decision.

Just swallow your pride and arrogance and fix the damned thing, will you!

When I am using the browser extension to copy and paste info into a site, whenever I click out of the extension and it hides, I have to go find that same site in the extension and click to open it, and then find the part I was copying from and go to and copy the next one.
It would be really great if when you clicked out of the extension and then opened it again within a few seconds it could remember and open up to the exact place you had it when it was hidden.

I’m out of votes but I totally go with you for this one !

You can of course pop out the extension into a sticky window. I assume this is the kind of scenario the feature was intended for.

A related, but worse, issue is if you start editing - e.g. adding a new entry, and then want to go back to the web page to copy something. The window closes and you lose everything entered. I’ve suffered this a few time by forgetting to pop-out first.

A nice feature would be if BW always opened the new-entry window as a pop-out automatically.


I agree with this. I don’t know if there’s a security issue associated with this (since I haven’t done any browser or extension auditing), but it seems like a good feature to have. For example, there’s an email proxying service that I use for creating random emails that forward to my real email. However, this typically involves the use of tab switching and copy-paste, which makes using the extension slightly more difficult.

The Safari plugin doesn’t seem to have a pop out.

Yes, it’s absolutely terrible when editing things and then you lose a password or something that wan’t saved when you clicked out.

@kspearrin Is this somehow on the roadmap? This is such a use usability killer I can’t name …

This is really frustrating sometimes! - even when you pop the extension out it loses which site you were viewing or editing.

I feel a similar frustration in the web vault.

When creating / editing an item, if I click on an area outside the form, the form disappears even though I did not press the close button.

Then, the content being edited is lost…

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I agree, that’s extremely frustrating. Would be great if popup windows could be somehow “sticky”.

If you feel you’ll need to click elsewhere while using the extension, you can use the pop out mode by clicking on the arrow in the top left corner while not viewing/editing an item.

Yea, that doesn’t really work, because by the time you think you need to pop it out, you click the button, and it refreshes when it pops out and you lose everything anyway.
It’s very frustrating. - I just end up saving like 4 times while editing an item to keep from losing anything.


Well no, it doesn’t actually works, because the “out of focus” click usually is a “muscle memory”, so when I for example edit a login in popup, the click happens faster than I can think that it will discard all my changes, that I’ve entered so far…


The kicker here is, I have ONE entry I have the problem on regularly, so I made that a favorite. Because it default to “tab” instead of “my vault” even if it’s a tab that I have no passwords for, and it doesn’t list my favorites on tabs it doesn’t really do any good.

Any of the following would help:

  • show my vault if there is nothing for the tab.
  • show favorites on tabs
  • remember where I am
  • don’t close if I click on a different window until it locks
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Definitely agree. But 3rd and 4th option would be the best in my opinion.