Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data

It’s better to show a message when a user moves to another item with unsaved changes.

An example case is
-User changes the password field on Bitwarden app
-User forgets they need to save it
-User moves to another item without saving
-The changed password is lost and the user cannot recover it

Of course this is a mistake, but it can happen easily. Safety device should be implemented.


I’m out of votes, so I’ll +1 this here.


Web vault also needs the same features.


Was going to feature request this. I have done this twice now using the MacOS app. Thinking that I have saved an edit, go to use the new password a little later and find out I didn’t save it.

Maybe put this unsaved changed in password history as an unsaved edit?

I know it is my fault, but it would be great to have the software catch this.

Yes, this feature is needed. The history of passwort generator might help you recover an unsaved password, but this issue should really be addressed.

The browser extension should at least remember a newly created but unsaved entry when the extension dialog was closed. The desktop client should do the same or warn the user of the unsaved changes when they switch to another entry.


Yes, I’m wondering about this now.

I’m typing here because I didn’t see this option added to the published roadmap, so I believe it’s a good reminder.

Editing an entry and forgetting to save the changes is something awful. Even more when everything is discarded without any prompts.

So I’ll be waiting for this. Already voted on this feature. Thanks for the tip.

Same on the Bitwarden site, clicking outside of a record closes it without saving any changes. Very frustrating!

Agreed, it is frustrating.

It should be possible to display an “are you sure?” box when the focus moves and ask people if they want to save what they have dine so far.

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I agree
Don’t have free votes, so post a reply

As mentioned in here.

Saving unsaved changes in a draft area would be ideal.

Another option would be to - at the end of auto-lock time - show a popup with a warning about unsaved changes. The pop-up could stay up for another 30s or 60s and then the vault would lock.
Sucks if you’re away from the device, but if you just got distracted it would save you.


Yup, this is the exact issue that I’m experiencing. I made an account just to post about this issue.

When on a website that you don’t have credentials to yet, there a couple of pitfalls where one has to do it in the right order on the firefox plugin. When I remember to do the steps in the right order, I can zip through a credential creation event. But if I go a while without making a credential, then I find myself creating a credential on a website then using the “forgot password” link right after.

Maybe if a new credential has the username/password fields populated and either the title or website fields also populated, it is autosaved if the plugin loses focus. Another user also suggested a drafts section, that would also work.

Something like this would be really helpful


When I add or edit an entry in the Web-Vault and accidental click outside of the edit window, then the edit window is closed without asking me if the changes should be saved (this happened several times to me, especially when I have multiple browser tabs opened and switch between Bitwarden and web apps where I want to change my login data).

So here I have a data loss (that must be prevented under the aspects of the usability).
I am not sure if this is a “normal” feature request or better a bug in GitHub!

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Yeah, it does this by default. Use the pop-out button top left and it becomes persistent.

I always do this when filling in a new one.

I am talking about the Web-Vault ( not the browser extension (I enter new entries / edit existing entries normally in the Web-Vault).
And here I have no “pop-out” Button.

But if this same problem is also existing in the Browser Extension and users are forced to pop-out the window to prevent data loss, then this really has to be fixed!

There is already a request for this with several votes, please add your vote and comments there:

Thenk you @MarkMGB Voting for the other topic.


Not sure what’s the logic of current UX given that losing user data should always a no-go.

In LastPass this has been a non-issue since forever, so reasons such as “This is not possible since the browser controls when that window closes” are moot. Just copy the behavior: open up a new tab with the page for creating a new Login, and move all already entered data to that new tab:

This is clearly a popular request, given the number of similar or related issues:


We’ve got this on our backlog to improve - we want to avoid data loss (for both browser and web vault items).