Permit "http" on iOS

Feature name

  • http support for iOS app

Feature function

  • currently, the iOS app requires https. When connecting to a .onion Bitwarden server, https is not needed for security. In fact it is discouraged.
  • Start9 has thousands of users that run their own Bitwarden server over Tor and would like to use the Bitwarden native app to connect to their servers.
  • Now that iOS has Orbot (global socks5 proxy), it is no longer necessary for the Bitwarden app to support Tor natively. Closes Tor Support for iOS and Android

From a quick search through, I believe the change could be made here with a simple check for a prefix of “http://” and a suffix of “.onion”

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You also need to deal with ATS. Need to set “NSAllowsArbitraryLoads” to true in the Info.plist

If this key is not set, iOS will reject any http connection attempts.

You can see Element for iOS have done it here

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