Performance issues on APU2

I have installed Bitwarden (2.12.0) on an APU2 (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS) in my LAN:


However, there are performance problems. When opening Bitwarden or the browser extension, the entries are displayed extremely slowly. This is also the case when entering data in the search mask. I type a word and only single letters follow - often letters are cut off. When an entry is edited, the display is also extremely delayed and stucks for seconds.

In general the performance is unfortunately very bad and not very user friendly.

Now I have tried to find out via htop where the problem lies. But I didn’t really figure it out - maybe not the best possibility.

I noticed that often dotnet /app/Icons.dll needs a lot of resources and slows down the display of lists.

Does anyone have an idea how I can see exactly where the problem is? Any approaches?

Perhaps I should mention that this is NOT a problem of Bitwarden and is related to either my installation or hardware a issue.

Not that this is misunderstood. I have used Bitwarden installations with different hardware with many users, which ran absolutely performant.

I’m interested in ideas on how to locate the problem.

Obviously this seems to be a browser related. When I use the desktop app (macOS), the issues do not occur at all. Even the iOS app over WiFi does not seem to lag.

Any ideas?