Performance issue in Firefox Portable


I’ve used Bitwarden on my laptop in Firefox Portable for several years. I started having slow tab loading time a few months ago. I could not figure out what was causing it all of a sudden and it was so bad that I had to start using Portable Opera (where Bitwarden runs just fine.)

It took me all these months to figure out that Bitwarden was the cause of my browser slowdown. I didn’t suspect it because 1) I’ve been using it for years and 2) I use Bitwarden in non-portable Firefox on my secondary laptop and never have any problems.

Many times I’ve installed a fresh version of Firefox portable on my laptop and it always ran fine. Only after syncing would the issue manifest. I thought syncing was the problem so I did not enable syncing and installed the plugins manually one by one. That’s when I discovered that the problem was Bitwarden.

The way I have to browse on my laptop now is that I must leave Bitwarden disabled and then only enable it for just the times that I need to log into something.

I’ve tried changing/toggling different setting, even ensuring iteration count used with PBKDF2 is set as low as possible, but nothing helps. When Bitwarden is active, tabs can take a minute to load or even hang the browser. When Bitwarden is deactivated, tabs load instantly.

I don’t know if the issue is due to something that changed a few months ago in the Firefox code, the Firefox portable code, or Bitwarden.

I hope some day the problem just corrects itself.

Thank you.