Passwords do not sync?

I have had several instances of changing several passwords and then manually going to “Sync” everything, only to return 1-2 days later and the history and passwords I’ve changed are non-existent … it’s so frustrating. .

Hmmmmmmmmm I have never had that happen. I am watching this thread to learn what if anything is causing this. When I sync it has always gone perfectly across all my devices. Of course I am assuming you go to a different device and make sure it has sync’d to the vault as well?

If you log into your actual vault ( are the changes there? If the entries have not been updated I would like to know. If the entries ARE there but not on your device apps than something is NOT sync’d. Just a suggested starting point to do a search on your end. When you sync on your device app try going immediately to the vault itself and confirming the changes have been made.

I am obviously and I think I stated this — crazy. I haven’t had an issue. Who knows… maybe I dreamed it… HOWEVER. It is sync’ing and I haven’t had an issue thus far. I’ve been checking since this post up to now…