Password Visibility: Cursor moves to beginning while I'm halfway through typing my password

Hello! There’s a frustrating little bug/issue whilst entering my password in both web and mobile, where changing the visibility moves the cursor to the beginning of the field.

I’m new to Angular (I’m a React guy), but I’m usually really good at finding my way around unfamiliar languages. I’m thinking this is a quick fix to move the cursor to the end, but I haven’t figured out where to stick it for a PR.

In login.component.html, I’m seeing the type="{{showPassword ? 'text' : 'password'}}" which toggles password visibility, but I’m not seeing where showPassword is set when I do a project search. Where is this being declared? I have the same question for toggleVisibility, where it’s used but I’m not finding where it’s defined.

Anyway, would love to fix this myself as a quick project, but need a little boost to get me started. Thanks!