Password to decrypt specific sub vaults


Sorry if this request already exist but I didn’t find it.
The idea would be to allow multiple passwords to work for the same account, with each password having it’s specific scope.

For instance, I put all my job related credentials in one specific folder and would like to be able to open only this subpart of the vault when using my company laptop (so I don’t have to input my master password on a non trusted pc).

You don’t trust that company’s laptop, but does that company approve of you storing their passwords on your personal password management solution?

Create an organization and setup shared collections there with separate users having access to separate collections

As a matter of fact, they do not care as long as I’m only storing my personal credentials, not shared secrets.

And I do not have the power to make them adopt new solutions.

Can also apply to shared PCs in public library. You could have a folder with less critical passwords that you think ok to access…

Another use case is plausible deniability when crossing borders. But I have to admit I am not concerned and have no clue if it fits someone’s needs.