Password sharing function

Is it possible that the Manager shares a group of passwords with a technician, the technician can connect and does not see the password ?

Hey @Cedric_Bogopolsky, just to confirm, you are referring to the provider portal? Or regular administration of a Bitwarden organization?

hello, for both choice :slight_smile:

i would like to know if it can be enabled in any case.

Hey @Cedric_Bogopolsky currently those with access to provider portal or regular administrators have access to all credentials but the team is working on improvements in this area.

To confirm, by technician, are you referring to the Service User and Administrator user types?

by technician i mean new IT coworkers.
we dont know if they will stay in the company so i don’t want that they see the passwords.

The team is working on expanding collection management privilege control with ‘flexible collections’ that will allow more granular control. We will have more to share on this soon.

For now, admins and service users can see credentials in the org they are part of.

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