Password protected export being txt file?


I just made today a password protected export of my vault, since I missed the last October news saying it was possible. However, the exported file seems to be a .txt. To be exact, the file’s name end with « .json.txt ». Is this normal, or did I made a mistake during the export ?

Hey @TiTwo102,

Most likely during saving either incidentally or automatically the .json extension was changed to .json.txt
Most likely if you don’t have a program that can natively view a json file your file system may have tried to alter this to a simple txt file format for readability.

You should simply be able to alter the file name extension, though you may wish to make an additional copy first.
Once you have just bitwardenExport.json you should be able to open this usually with something as simple as a standard text editor, though I personally enjoy NotePad++ :slightly_smiling_face:

The password-protected export is a text file, but it would normally have the extension .json (not .json.txt). You can use any text editor (e.g., Notepad in windows) to view the contents of the file, and to verify that everything is encrypted — however, if you do open the file using a text editor, be very careful not to accidentally make any changes to the file contents (best not to go anywhere near the “Save” command while the editor app is open).