Password Not Updating Unless BW is opened on IOS

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I have seen some older conversations regarding this but I couldn’t find anything exact. I updated my netflix password and on one IOS device I was fine to login with autofill, no issues at all. On another IOS device the autofill was still using the old password. I had to open up the BW app itself and then the autofill did the correct password. I figure login in with autofill should really update it. Am I missing something?

If one app/device is using different credentials than others you probably have issues with syncing. Changing anything on one device and then wanting to use that on a different app/device leaves you with 2 options: Either just wait, till all apps/devices have synced against each other or initiate a sync manually.

That does make sense, the only thing is that I actually did the password change on my PC prior to checking the second IOS device. That’s along time for that second device to have to sync.

You could verify this by taking a look at the timestamp below or next to the sync-option: