Password not saved

I encountered problem on the first site I tried to save password. The site is ICICI Direct , i typed my user id , password, bitwarden extension prompted me to save, but when I visited again and auto filled using bitwarden, the site rejected saying wrong user name/password, when I made the password visible in the app I could see nothing but a string of stars. What could be the problem.

Try to generate the Login Information beforehand. Tweak it with custom fields as in Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support

Omg, seems quiet complicated, however if I manually add in the edit option provided, every time bitlocker wants to update the password when I login (which it picks wrong), so for these sites I have to manually maintain?

You are right Bitwarden saves the password as ************. I just tested this out and I have never seen this before. The website may have some sort of protection mechanism. The only way to find out is by using Inspect Element(I am not 100%sure)
@tgreer have you seen this before?


From what I understand, if the website digests the password and replaces it with the asterisk (not just input type = password, but actually removes the password text) before the save action occurs, this is what happens. I’ve seen a couple of other reports of this behavior.

Thanks guys for helping, so as I understand this is one off case. I will manually maintain passwords then for this site, thanks again for all the help.


This will occasionally bite you if you fill in the information on the website and then have the website fill in Bitwarden. It doesn’t happen often, but it will happen occasionally. It isn’t an issue with Bitwarden. It will happen with any password safe. The only safe way to handle a new site, or an update is to save FROM the safe to the site. Then the safe always has to have to correct information. When a screwy site blows the saving from the site to the password safe, then you have a problem because you don’t necessarily know what the site believes the password to be.