Password Manager does not work on Android Samsung A51

I have created an account for Bitwarden Privacy.

I would like to use Bitwarden Password Manager
on a

  • new Windows 11 desktop PC (that works)
  • on an Ipad Air2 tablet (that works)
  • on a Samsung A51 Android Smartphone (that does NOT work)

The Bitwarden Password Manager can be installed on the Samsung A51,
but when I log in, I enter my email address, then tap CONTINUE, but then I cannot enter my master password. A long process is running…

At the end I get the error message:

“Exception message: The operation was canceled.”

I then uninstalled and reinstalled several times on the Samsung A51. But the same problem always persisted.

What can I do to make Bitwarden Password Manager work on my Samsung A51?

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