Password Manager CLI "Download as PDF" link is broken

Hi all!
I am using Firefox ver. 111.0.1 on Linux Mint 21.1
The “Download as PDF” link for the Password Manager CLI instruction manual displays a blank page with the cookie consent statement at bottom of page. I was expecting the full text as is displayed on the web page Password Manager CLI | Bitwarden Help Center
Does anyone know how to get this fixed or where I might be able to actually download the PDF file?

Thanks for any enlightenment on this issue.

@cdaaawg Welcome to the forum!

I can reproduce this issue. The PDF that is downloaded consists of a single page that looks like this:


I spot-checked a few other Help articles, and they seem to produce a correct PDF.

Pinging @dwbit to raise this issue with the relevant team members.

@grb Thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile: I can only hope that the site maintainer will be equally responsive.

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At the very bottom of every help article there is a button that says “Make a suggestion to this article” that allows you to submit feedback. You could also report it to support - Get in Touch | Bitwarden - to make sure it’s noticed by someone internally.

As for a workaround, can you use the print option and “Save as PDF” in your browser?

Thanks all, looking into this one with the team :+1:

Thanks all, should be fixed now :+1:

Thanks for the input Josh and dwbit! The link has been fixed. Marking this issue as solved. Thanks to the developers and anyone else involved for the quick resolution.