Password Generator Should Have More Character Set



These sets are missing:

  1. Minus (-)
  2. Underline (_)
  3. Space ( )
  4. Brackets ([]{}()<>)
  5. High ANSI

Plus you should allow users to type a length number rather than using sliding piece.

Additional special characters ()-_=+[{]}\;:'",<.>/? for passwords
Filter special characters in generated passwords per login

An idea could be to add a custom character set field in which the user could type the characters he wants to add ?


More discussion here : Filter special characters in generated passwords per login


Maybe you could simply insert a custom in field the settings where the user can list extra characters he wants to allow and use for passwords. Thank you!

This way it is easy for everyone to add his own characters, like for example Germans often use ä ö and ü - normal letters in the German alphabet.


I have to agree - eight special characters is way too small a set.

A feature idea related to this, which I don’t think any password manager has, would be an option field displaying a string of special characters with some separation between them - and after you have a randomly generated password, you can click on the individual special chars, and the generator will randomly substitute them into the already generated string.

Why? Because on a semi-regular basis, I’ll run across some site that has decided themselves on a subset of special characters - that for some reason doesn’t accept ampersand or exclamation mark, for some idiotic reason. When I hit such sites, I inevitably have to regenerate the password multiple times until the string finally comes up with a password with special characters, but without the bizarrely unacceptable one…