Password generator - Android - manual type number of digits as well as slider

Android password generator is a pain! slider changing the number of digits causes the screen to jump around to suit the new number, no way to manually select the number and type a new number.
I want 10. Use slider and its total pain in the butt.
Just want simple. select the number, type 10, and done. Can we fix that please.

Otherwise a new user fed up with finalpass who is sick of the way they treat people.
Imagine a storage facility you are renting. You go and they say we have rearranged everything for you as boxes may not be over 3" high anymore. However we have split everythingup and its all there.
Golly gosh WTF is what i say. How dare they treat paying customers like that.

Anyway glad to see bitwarden seems to be more customer oriented.

Or at least variable sensitivity when you hold the slider and move away from the sliderbar (like the time slider on youtube for example).

Its been a while. Version Desktop 1.48 has a up/down adjustment for the number but the android version still appears to be slider only and very hard to get an minor change android version is 2.8.0 Maybe its just my fat fingers.