Password expiration date

This would be great for me, too.
A email is not required, just a “some passwords will expire in 14 days or less” with a list passwords dialog as a second message or search result, when i open Bitwarden.
Maybe a “warn x days before expire” on item level - useful for passports eg.

I guess this is not a quick win, but a win.
Anyway, you can script it yourself with bitwarden-cli and custom fields, for those who heavily depend on it.

Hi team, would it be possible to add a timelife for the password created, with an alert when password arrive at expiration.

I’m not sure we could derive the expiration period of a password from a service, but perhaps being able to leverage a “reset interval” / reminder makes sense? Definitely interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this one!

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@tgreer ,Hi,
I do not know what you mean with “reset interval” if we speak about same target, then, it’s fine :wink:
About reminder, if you’ve several account to manage (currently I’ve 50) ,I think it would make sense to get at a reminder least, about when you created the PWD and when you’re supposed to change it…

Understandably so! Yes - basically being able to set when you should change your password on a per-password basis. (i.e. change System A credentials every 90 days, remind me at 85 days)


Similar topic:

@tgreer This seems like a duplicate feature request with Password expiration date

Our company needs this feature as well… Seems like an easy no-brainer.

Add a password / site login expiry date which is optional

There are a few websites / software programs that I use that:

  • either need logging in to every month / 3 months / 12 months
  • or that I like to change the password for occasionally

If you can add an expiry date to each record that is (optionally) flagged on BitWarden login to allow you to choose to login to the site or software and change the password or reset you usage counter for the site.

One reason I’m particularly interested in this feature is because I serve several clients at work, and for a couple of them I can’t reset my password after it expires. I know… it’s extremely stupid. So to save me a 30-60 minute call to my customer’s helpdesk for a password reset, I need to reset my password before it expires. Being able to search for passwords that will expire soon in Keepass is extremely helpful in this regard.

Being able to set a password expiration date and time (preferably with a timezone, too) and then being able to see what passwords will expire in X days or have already expired is an excellent feature to incorporate.

As it is now, I’m simply recording ISO 8601 date/time stamps in a custom field, but I can’t run any kind of report on that to say what’s expiring soon.

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Sounds similar to this one:

In general / as a prerequisite: this needs a “date” field.

My suggestion: first create custom date field, and later add expiration / monitor functionality.


For the long time roadmap, you should add a function to change the password automatically.

Like a macro, the user shows Bitwarden how to change a password and then it does it itself and noone needs to worry about it anymore.

That would be the best solution.

For everyone who wants to see the nitty-gritty, head over to github:

Also, BW has 1000s (?10s of 1000s?) of users, and oh about 15 staff/devs (I make this number up every time I post something like this: I really have no idea how big they are).

So, let’s all keep this in mind as we bombard them with feature requests and “Why isn’t my requested feature implemented yet?”. BW isn’t Microsoft (thank goodness). Priorities have to be made.

Thanks for your understanding.


this feature would be a great addition

I also promote this feature request.
Password expiration is widely used in enterprise, and would be a very useful feature.


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Would also like this

2022 is already there, just a few years more until 2025 :slight_smile:

This is a feature I depend on just about every day. I’ll echo some of the prior comments here to say that in enterprise environments, password rotation is a non-negotiable requirement. My KeePass notifies me 7 days in advance of everything I have an imminent expiration on. Not having this feature is a non-starter.

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Unfortunately we cannot rely on services implementing expiration notification properly. There are lots of bad developers and product manager out there.
That’s actually the main reason why this feature would be useful to me. I had at least SEVEN services in which I got an expired password or even service deactivated because of password expiration.
My vault has already over 100 passwords, so relying on personal organization is not really feasible.

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Having a report that goes along with a change like this that let’s us know password age and number of days until a password expires