Password change history

oh yes yes yes… I came here to post this specifically and noticed it was already listed.

This is a MUST for many reasons.

It would also be good to have the app cross check the passwords against other records so you can be sure you’re not re-using passwords.

This history would be a great thing for your password healthy report.
It should warn me if I use a password that I used previously on a different (or even on this) specific “site”

I voted on a supposed duplicate of this issue: Password change histroy. As I only care about a password change history, including a date of change. I don’t need any history on any other field.

Being able to access the password history equals the functionality of 1Password. This 1Password functionality has saved me more than once. Like when a password change didn’t work-out but the new password got stored anyway, or when multiple services happen to share the same password initially (as is often the default with quite some service providers). Then, if one changes the password for just one service, the stored password is changed. It then becomes impossible to use any of the other services as with Bitwarden there’s no way to retrieve the old password needed for the other services. With 1Password, Dashlane and LastPass you won’t get into trouble here.

I definately won’t migrate to Bitwarden as long as the password history isn’t available. I’ll just stick to 1Password, or might opt to use LastPass for the time being.

This would be very helpful. Especially if something goes wrong when changing a password.

Just adding my voice … this is must-have feature before I can switch from LastPass.

100% this, everyone should be backing up there vault at least every quarter. Save it to a flash drive and keep that in your safe. Bitwarden is great but its still new and who knows what can happen so having a back up copy could save the day especially on this item history issue.

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Having the modification date can help with the hygiene report

The next versions of the apps will include modification dates, password modification dates, and password history (last 5, which also includes hidden custom fields).



That’s really awesome.

In the export with the expired / previous passwords come out as separate lines in the CSV, somehow denoted as history?

I’m guessing the time / date would just be new columns in the CSV?

I think having the previous password available will really help with the process of changing passwords, you can then generate and save a new one in Bitwarden and then update the website having access to both the new and old passwords simultaneously to to do change.

Right now password history is considered meta data and is not included in CSV exports.

When will this be made available?

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It’s live in the vault right now for me.

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I’ve found a problem. If you change a password in the Web Vault the login maintains a password history (this is good). However if you change a password in the desktop (Chrome-powered) client it will wipe out the password history. This also happens with the iOS app. I can only surmise that the apps for BitWarden for the various platforms and browsers will have to be updated to keep this metadata as part of the login.

That is correct. All apps have not been updated to support this yet.

Alright, I figured as much. I look forward to have this part in the apps.

I also noticed that the history will only save for custom fields that are hidden, regular text field histories aren’t kept.

Correct. It only saves passwords, which are assumed to be hidden.

Gotta love the feedback directly from the developer, this is seriously awesome.

Password history (and last updated date) is now available in all of the latest app versions.


I’ve updated my android app today (to version 1.18.0) but can’t find the history in the app?