Password Breach Reports

  1. How can I get more info on the breaches shown in the report?
    For example, it says login details have been breached more than 1300 times, which sounds like the website itself must have been breached, since the password didn’t exist anywhere else, but where do I find this info?

  2. how can I run these reports automatically, relying on users to run this report manually isn;t great and not likely to happen very often. In Lastpass and every other password manager I tried, I would get automatic reports, but I cannot see how to do this in Bitwarden.

You may be misinterpreting the results. What it is saying is that the password you have used for your account has appeared 1300 times in data breaches. If it is a weak or common password, that means many users across the world may have been using the same password, and 1300 of those accounts were breached.

You can only conclude definitively that the service itself was breached if you had used a unique, long, random password for your account (but if it was a truly unique password, then the number of breaches shown should be only 1).

Bitwarden does not offer automation of the reports, but if you want automatic notification of breaches that you’ve appeared in, you can sign up for that service directly at

So you mean I should register all my 163 logins, one by one on Have I Been Pwned?? it’s nightmare :-1:t6:

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Here is a feature request that you can vote for:

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ok, well it wasn’t an active login anyway in that example, it was some default (very weak) password they had issued me with ages ago, which explains it.

yep, thats a bit rubbish, esp considering all the other password managers do this.