Passkeys / Firefox / Paypal

I think we are going to have a tough time getting passkeys set up on various websites for some time. I’ve been monitoring the FIDO Alliance site which publishes a list of companies, etc. that support Passkeys. What I’m finding is, actually getting it to work is spotty. For example I tried setting up CVS. I can get to where it attempts to set up a passkey but it gives me an error like “Unable to enable passwordless login at this time”. That’s using Brave on Ubuntu.

I have no idea if it was trying to set up a passkey on my phone (which was not connected via Bluetooth at the time) and failed for that reason? I wanted to store the passkey in my BW vault via the browser extension which is my preference.

Anyhow I wonder if the moderators here would be receptive to an updatable sticky where we could post found solutions to setting up passkeys for various websites (such as the workaround illustrated above)?