Passkey dialog not visible when Firefox is on secondary monitor

I am using the Firefox plugin for Bitwarden (version 2024.4.1) on Windows 10 and have an issue trying to log in to a site with a passkey if the browser is on the secondary screen to the right of my main screen.

The dialog can be seen in the Alt+Tab list but is positioned off the visible area. I assume that the code is getting confused between location within the window area and location within the visible area (and setting the x-offset of the dialog relative to the window extent with a value deriving from the visible extent - which will be offset by 1920, due to the primary monitor)?

The workaround is to use Alt+Tab to select the dialog, Alt+Space, M and press a cursor key to start moving the window and then move the mouse, which forces the dialog into the visible area. I would rather not have to do this though!

Anyone else seeing this?


Yes, same issue with version 2024.4.2 on Firefox.
Thanks for the workaround tip!