Partial Export of Vault where Password = a specific value

I have discovered by one of my passwords that I first used a long time ago has been exposed. Consequently, I need to export those vault logins where the password equals this exposed password so I know which accounts need to be updated. I do not wish to export the whole vault so I can identify them manually to ensure other passwords are not exposed.

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You cannot search or export by password, but you may be able to find the affected vault items by running a Data Breach Report in the Web Vault. If you have a Premium account, you might also get some useful information by running the Re-used Passwords report.

Another option is to create an encrypted USB, export in CSV to that and view your passwords there, possibly using grep if you are terminal-inclined.

Don’t try this in Windows, if you don’t want your plaintext unencrypted vault data to be copied to your harddrive.

I lack familiarity with Windows quirks, using Linux and MacOS. On the latter, if the Finder got involved, I use qlmanage -r cache to remove thumbnails as part of cleanup.

Unfortunately I have no experience with MacOS or Linux

This is exactly why I would not like to do it this way

Always useful to know the platform, given security options vary with each outside Bitwarden.

@eureka As implied by my message, this is an issue mainly in Windows, although I have not personally tested other operating systems (so I make no representation that the problem doesn’t also exist in other operating systems).

In Windows, you can still create a secure plaintext export by going into the browser settings, and modifying the default downloads folder (e.g., in Chrome, modify the value of “Location” in chrome://settings/downloads), so that the default download location is on an encrypted drive or inside an encrypted container that has been mounted.

If you only rely on browser options such as “Ask where to save each file before downloading”, then the browser will still create a temporary copy of the export in the default downloads location, while waiting for you to specify the desired location for saving the file.

Did you try the Vault Health Reports as I had suggested?