Paid for the Family Plan and still can not invite any more people!

Paid for the family plan a few months ago and I still can add any more people to either of my organizations. When I try to add a third person it gives me an error stating I still have a limit of 2 people.
I have contacted BW support but have not heard back.
What am I doing wrong or is there a problem with my account?

Hm… I create a new organization on the family plan a couple of days ago it was a little weird, but I was able to add users.

I went to the organization, added the user, they got an email, clicked the link, then I had to go activate them after they accepted the invite, that’s all there was to it for me.

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How many users do you have in the organization? My error says I have a limit of two people.

I have 3 – myself, and 2 others.

BW is telling me that the family plan only applies to a single organization but I cant see how to make that work as I keep getting the two person limit. This is very disappointing and makes them look bad as I have already paid them.

Hm… If you go to the page for your different organizations, I’d presume one of them says “Plan: Families” instead of “Plan: Free”, that’s the one that should work.

Thank you for your responses Dark Arc.
Very weird. I do not have a Subscription section in my settings area and neither of my organizations say anything about “Plans” or “Family Plan”.
Three emails into a support request and they still have yet to confirm my payment to a family plan nor fix the problem.
I am about to call my credit card company to reverse their plan charge on my card.

I feel ya, they don’t respond this minute, I totally understand. In fact, when you get no response for days, even though you are premium user

I totally understand, but you didn’t pay just for not support the team? The team gets thousands. of complaints and questions. It might just be a minor error

Got it all taken care of. Only regret is that it took them 3 days to do it.
Thank you BW.

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