Paid for premium and didnt get it added to my account.. well full two years is not

I paid for premium, my account is not showing that its premium… I paid for two years so be nice to have this changed and credited cause right now under prem its showing it expires in aug of this year when this is wrong.

as you can see the site is showing its prem other things are not and even when i hit the refresh for it to check its not doing anything.

is someone able to look into this or do i have to wait for emails?

Hey @xsmashx88x and welcome to the community,

This is just a community space for issues. So while we may be able to offer suggestions your best option to address any billing issues would be to contact the official team and they should be more than happy to help get this resolved quickly.

One thing though I can possibly think of when you paid for two years, I’m not sure how the licensing works. Perhaps the license will still set to expire in a year, and you can check under your Billing section if the remainder was placed as an account credit.

thanks, ya i thought maybe something here could be done but support already did email me about it and they are getting someone to look into it so i will close this post if im able to

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