Overlay UI for unlocking vault

Feature name

Overlay UI for unlocking vault (Android)

Feature function

Currently, when the vault is locked on mobile and the auto-fill service overlay containing “Auto-fill with Bitwarden / Vault is locked” is tapped on, the Bitwarden app itself is opened, where the vault can be unlocked. After interacting with the app and selecting a login credential, the user is thrown back to the previous app again.

An overlay where these actions are done feels much less jarring, and the user wouldn’t feel like they’re jumping between apps.

As for user interaction, this does not change anything:

  • The user still needs to tap on the “Vault is locked” overlay
  • The user still needs to interact to input credentials/biometrics
  • The user still needs to select one of the credential options
  • Bitwarden still fills in the fields with the selected credential options

Related topics + references

I migrated from Firefox Lockwise to Bitwarden, and this is just something I missed.

@ikt Welcome! Is this what you are asking for? Overlay popup interface

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Thank you!

Basically, yes. I filtered on mobile tags though, so I didn’t find that.

I suppose when the browser feature is implemented, it’ll come to mobile too.


@Nat I think you are genius, and i want to thank you for this beautiful link. This helped me a lot to understand the Overlay of UI. :slightly_smiling_face:

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