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I moved over from Lastpass a few weeks ago. I found the pop-up in LP incredibly annoying, always getting in the way, clashing with other form-fill stuff, hiding useful info, etc. At least 50% of the time I would waste time trying to dismiss the pop up. So I’ve not missed it one little bit. BW does a good job autofilling where necessary, and when I have multiple logins, it’s a short trip to the toolbar icon to find the one I need. Overall, way less effort than when I used LP.

I do miss not having to log back into three different browser extensions every time I reboot. [That is confusing I know, but, basically, it’s the only area BW falls short, for me.] That one is an absolute stinker. But the pop thingy? Naa. It didn’t even occur to me that I no longer had it until I saw this feature request. And I use my password manager a LOT, possibly 100’s of times a day.


This can be annoying but using the PIN unlock and setting it to not require master password on reboot can really help with this.

I’ve also set it to never on some occasions as the computer is at home and the computer itself has a password to get in. I know some OS’s encrypt the users files by default so having to enter the master password often when the drive is already encrypted is not really needed.

But everyone’s threat level is different. The flexibility that Bitwarden gives us is unheard of in other password managers.

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Some websites wont let paste password while registering for new accounts! It would be nice to have a option to fill generated password, like lasspass.


If I was to come across such a website then it was clearly designed by idiots. There are millions of other websites to look at, so I would move on to another one and leave the sites designed by idiots alone. If a website is designed by idiots then there is unlikely to be anything of use on it.

I have said several times that if people want Bitwarden to introduce new features, as a result of pressure from exiles, then I have no objection to that, as long as some of those changes are optional rather than the default.

I don’t think that Bitwarden is perfect, unlike some exiles appear to think their previous software was, however that does not mean that all change is good. Some appear to want to turn Bitwarden into Lastpass. That would be a big mistake in my view. I would much rather Bitwarden’s development time was spent on important changes which have already been identified, but that is a matter for Bitwarden.

I am sorry if you do not appreciate my sense of humour.

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And what if the “website designed by idiots” is one one cant simple abandon? Like their enterprises? Instead of mocking a feature request and marking it as “useless” you could simple ignore it , It wont hurt you to do so, if the feature isnt for you just don`t use it, but allow other people who need it , to request for and use it in peace please.

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@comdum dont post new feature request inside an existing feature request topic for another feature, it wont call any attention, if you need this feature badly , open a new topic for it.

“And what if the “website designed by idiots” is one one can`t simple abandon?”

There are very few of those. Parts of government might be one of the few, but there are alternatives for most other things.

yet it would not hurt anyone to cover for those few, there are people who might by really in need for those features, otherwise they would not bother coming here for asking, I guess an “go seek another service/website to use instead” is not what they`re expecting as an answer

I am not talking about new feature. just stated that lasspass has this(overaly popup interface) and bitwarder should have this.

Well if we don’t compare it to other password manager.

The current way of going through multiple account is just bad UX.

The fact that Crtl+Shift+L takes 2 hands to do unless you are a left handed mouse user
or just clicking on the extension icon at the top which can be far away if you are using a high resolution.
Even if you are the right click context menu, it is under too many context menu, this also depends on the number of extension you have.

Have a icon next to the login box just make things easier. Logging in with the least mouse movement.

and just make it an optional feature that can be turned off


@soulpower11 depending on your browser, you can change the shortcut associated with autofill. This would allow you to make it a one handed action.

I know this is definitely possible in Edge (Chromium).

Do remember that anything I type is just my personal view. I am not associated with Bitwarden in any way, other then being happy to pay them US$10 a year for the service they offer.

My views are simply my views. It is up to Bitwarden to decide how they wish to deal with the many requests they get to do things differently. In my view turning Bitwarden into any other password manager is not the best thing Bitwarden could do. Bitwarden has the best combination of points, but I could be wrong.

I did think about setting the login expire to NEVER, but the warning put me off, especially “Setting your lock options to “Never” stores your vault’s encryption key on your device.”. I’m guessing it means my master p/w is stored in plain text somewhere on the PC, is that right? I can’t think that would ever be a good thing, even for a 10 year old desktop PC that is unlikely ever to be stolen. I’d have nightmares about malware scanning my PC and harvesting my master password.

But a single login, via the desktop app or any of the extensions, would help enormously.

On a separate note, I’m picking up a definite anti-newbie vibe among many of the posts. There’s even a specific term for us - “exiles”! Cute. Could have been worse, I guess.

I can understand that many of you old-timers are a bit pit out by all us exiles coming in and asking for stuff we used to have from our previous p/w manager (usually Lastpass). I get that. Personally, I don’t want BW to be exactly like LP, as I found LP to be pretty crappy. But I can surely understand that many exiles miss features that they got used to, and would like to see them replicated in some way here. I think most people don’t realise that with a platform of this size, any changes are likely to take months or years, so there’s no chance of BW making any super-rapid changes in any direction. We’ll all have to be patient.

But the old-timers are also going to need to chill a little. If the press is to be believed, BW has increased it’s user base by 500% in the last few months, so the “exiles” form a huge majority. So you are going to get a lot of people asking for a lot of annoying changes, most of them not possible in the short-term. That is going to bug you, for sure. But remember, all these exiles are also bringing their money with them, so hopefully BW will have a lot more cash to spend on product development, money that will eventually make BW better for everyone.

So patience and accommodation will be required by everyone in the short term, but all this change can only be a good thing, for everyone.


That is correct. This is also how LastPass did it and why it never asked for your master password when you restarted your browser or computer.

As for malware, it’s a lose-lose situation. You’re screwed even if you don’t use a password manager. The best you can do is keep your computer up to date and run some anti-virus.

Generally, people don’t hate new users here. In fact, most of us old-timers used LastPass for years before switching too.

The disconnect seems to be that we old-timers moved away from LastPass because we did not like how it worked. The new people today moved away from LastPass because of changes in how they handle free accounts.

The new people want a LastPass clone and use old-timers want to get away from LastPass.

We offer to show them the “Bitwarden-way” but we get push back because they’re so used to LastPass. It’s really frustrating as we understand your point as we did also use LastPass in the past but if you live with the Bitwarden-way you might find you like.

It’s also hard to convey emotions through text. So it may seem like we’re jerks but most of us are not.

We’ll also get defensive of the Devs as we’ve been around for a bit and seen how great they are at helping users. They’ve become like friends and seeing newbies blasting them for not getting some feature done is a bit rude to us. For years we’ve seen them bust their assess to get where they are now. Kyle took an underdog project and turned it into a powerhouse in under 5 years. I get you shouldn’t follow a company like this but when you’ve been here from the start it’s amazing to see what the whole team has done.


I’d like to add a +1 to this request

I think @simonfriis made some very good points about focus and UX-- the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut is alright, but there’s very little discoverability.

Thank you for touching on this, @dangostylver.

I think you’re right that there’s a big influx of new users right now who switched from LastPass because of some controversies in pricing, freebie features and (for me) too many Android trackers (black box in black box since it’s not open source). It felt like LogMeIn got greedy.

I chose Bitwarden and became a paying customer the first day, in part because it seems like a much smaller and less corporate-minded product/business, which speaks to me. Maximizing profits at all costs does not seem to be the mantra.

I have seen some “why isn’t this fixed yet” (“my biggest problem must be everyone’s biggest problem and therefore the top priority”) and “I can’t leave LastPass until you get this”-comments around the forum and while they bring no value and are annoying I’m afraid you’ll get that with most products that grow and start to attract lots of customers. Definitely agree it’s annoying and in some cases disrespectful though, and I respect that you care about the people behind Bitwarden. I want them to succeed as well.

I think we could help them succeed better with a shared goal to simply give good input and discuss it without telling people what they think and want, and why they’re wrong. I’m a bit guilty of doing that myself in saying that, but I hope you’ll give me a chance to argue. Your comment paints a mindset of “them and us” - the old timers and the new users from LastPass. The new ones:

The new people today moved away from LastPass because of changes in how they handle free accounts.

The new people want a LastPass clone

And then a mention of the dynamic between the 2 groups:

We offer to show them the “Bitwarden-way” but we get push back because they’re so used to LastPass. It’s really frustrating as we understand your point as we did also use LastPass in the past but if you live with the Bitwarden-way you might find you like.

This confuses the users who post those “why isn’t this done yet” comments with all other users who have valid input about something that could be better. Some of the replies I’ve gotten - which you have liked - are comments that complety neglect the needs I communicate (clearer system feedback as an example) and instead go right to telling me that I’m simply wrong. For example, saying that software is different and anyone can learn to use it is true. But if we want Bitwarden to succeed and grow then I would argue that finding ways to make it even easier to use for new users would help that.

I hope to convey that taste and preference in terms of solutions can of course be discussed, but when people put in the time to communicate issues (not those demanding specific solutions! They are just as wrong as the ones claiming it would be wrong to change Bitwarden), I would really like the replies to be constructive. Then we can hopefully find some common ground in issues that could be helped and work on what exactly they are instead of solutions that we feel solve things that aren’t issues.


I like your post. What I would add though is that “the old timers” were once “new users” (from a variety of alternatives, I had tried a couple of alternatives before settling on Bitwarden). I have no idea if I am typical of “the old timers” or not, but it took me some time to fully understand all the features of Bitwarden, for example the different ways to use it to login to things. With any new thing one does need to get used to it and complaining that it doesn’t work exactly the way the previous thing worked is not helpful (as you indicate).

I’m not sure that anyone thinks that “it would be wrong to change Bitwarden”, there were plenty of requests for changes before the influx. I would certainly like several changes, the question is rather around what changes these should be and what the priority is for each one. In the end that is something for Bitwarden, as it is their business.

It is also worth reminding “the old timers”, including myself, that I imagine many of the “new users” presumably felt pushed into making the change and that will have raised their personal temperature.

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Having replied to this thread nearly 3 years ago (Jun’18) I thought I’d re-visit. A lot of thoughtful stuff!

Personally I started using LP a long time ago (probably when it was fairly new), then 3 years ago thought I’d look at alternatives. BW looked the best of the bunch, and I switched over for a while. There’s a lot I like - open-source (I’m a developer myself), multiple URLs, UI in many ways more flexible, TOTP (brilliant!), etc. But I found the lack of overlay (browser and mobile) was a bit of a killer and I reverted to LP.

With LP’s new charging structure I decided I would change to BW again, and try to live with the lack of overlay, which I’m doing. So I’m not a “newbie” wanting BW to be like LP, I like 99% of BW as it is, but overlay is a missing feature. This thread was started by Kyle as his own proposal!

Two examples of overlay problems:

  1. PayPal in browser. It frequently presents a popup window to enter payment details, where you have to login. This has no toolbar so you can’t open the BW extension. You can use the shortcut to enter the last-used name/password, but if you have multiple PayPal accounts (as I do) then the last-used might not be the one you want this time. So you have to jump through a few hoops to make the login you want the last-used one.

  2. Various banking apps on Android. They present a login screen, BW detects and shows the little popup. This switches context to BW, you click on the item to autofill and it switches back (this is time-consuming anyway). But because it’s been context-switched, the app has closed its login screen (presumably a “security” feature). Again requires hoop-jumping with clipboard and/or manual typing. App may not allow pasting into fields, even though they can be auto-filled. LP’s overlay, plus notification to open the overlay if auto-detect fails, is definitely superior.

These are real usability issues, and I believe do need addressing. I find it a bit odd that nothing’s been done given that Kyle proposed it 3 years ago.

My .02 anyway :slight_smile:


Signed up for the community just to upvote this, I only have 1 thing to add.

When signing up here on bitwarden, I used the lastpass overlay to generate the password used for this site. Why? Because it’s right there in the password field. As long as it’s there and bitwarden is not, lastpass will always be front of mind.