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I came here on recommendation of other free / paid password managers and currently two things mean transitioning over from Lastpass to Bitwarden are blockers to this. The first is the missing pop-up “autofill box” and the 2nd is the inability on android to autofill the sequential login boxes, i.e. a website presents first the username box then the password which is not useful, Lastpass can do this!


@adamkimber , I haven’t stumbled upon this second issue yet, I recommend you opening a newfeature request asking for a solution

@FOSS_Lover That’s a good idea, I’ll do just that!

Bumb for please. This is the only feature I can think of that I really miss from LP. Will take premium once this feature is added.

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+1 for feature. The people on this forum are particularly smart people. So glad to be here. I feel smarter already. :sunglasses:


+1 for this feature.

I’ve come across a alternative option of Keyboard shortcut key to auto-fill the password. Hope this helps till Bitwarden implements the ‘overlay’ feature.
Control + Shift + L → On windows
Cmd + Shift + L → On Mac


Throwing in my support for a feature like this. If you can avoid the positioning issue that LastPass had that would be great.

I get that some people may not want this (for good reason) but it’s one of the reasons thats pushing me back to lastpass personally. I probably wont go back due to pricing changes, but it never slowed down my browser noticeably and was much more convenient. I think an opt in or opt out would be an amazing feature.


So I think I was having the same issue as you with android. What i did to get it working like Lastpass, is change some settings. First I enabled “Auto-fill Service” then turn on “Use accessibility” and “use draw over”. Once all these are enabled I have been able to use Bitwarden just like Lastpass. Hope this helps.

Feature name

  • Little icon next to login box

Feature function

There should be a little icon to open up a little dialog box for choosing which login I want to fill up. Beside there should be a little icon for password generator and it will save automatically login info and my new generated password.

Related topics + references

This feature is already available to lastpass password manager extention

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This feature has also been requested here. Overlay popup interface

When bitwarden will look totally like Lastpass, don’t forget to increase the prices… like Lastpass.

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Then it becomes lastpass not bitwarden. Bitwarden is great

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+1 For this feature. Its something I found very useful from Dashlane and feel it would make sites with multiple accounts easier.

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Yeaah, I miss this from lastpass as well. If its possible to do this securely, this would be amazing.

For me a matter of usability, specifically discoverability. As is evident from this thread lots of users expect to be made aware that they can fill one/more log ins, and easily select them.

I personally love the hotkey CTRL+Shift+L but hotkeys have no discoverability and as such are power user features to me - you have to find out it’s a thing, which I did from the forum.

Stored logins are currently discoverable from context menu of the field (right click - power user thing) and the browser integration icon, which, as others have noted, is very far from the attention area (example below). Even if you have discovered that you can use that icon, the travel distance with the mouse is long (worse the higher your resolution :slight_smile:)


Going from LastPass to Bitwarden I was very surprised by how much faster my browsing experience became. Not sure if it was specifically this feature in LastPass that slowed Chrome down so much (and in that case performance should definitely be prioritized when building this).

If this can be made without sacrificing performance I would like it and I believe it would improve usability for lots of new users who don’t know about the auto-fill hotkey CTRL+Shift+L (desktop), mobile users, and use cases where multiple logins are stored.

I have an issue with how the auto-fill hotkey becomes useless when the vault is locked or there isn’t a password stored - system feedback is lacking. It’s a separate issue but the solution could be weaved into this feature as well.


What, even with the agonisingly long time it takes to glance at the Bitwarden icon to see how many logins there are for a particular site and then glance back :grin:


What, even with the agonisingly long time it takes to glance at the Bitwarden icon to see how many logins there are for a particular site and then glance back :grin:

I joined this community because I like the software and want to support it. I’m doing the best I can to express how I think it can be even better from a UX perspective. I point out what I think are issues but don’t demand anything in ways of solution or timeframe as I trust Bitwarden will make good decisions based on the input they get from their community.

I’ve created one thread and have responded to a few others to help give that input. The replies I’ve received from you all question the validity of my point of view or mock it without bringing much value to the discussion. I’ve flagged this comment but thought it might be better to actually reach out.

I can see you care about Bitwarden and don’t want them to over-adjust to input and as a result spread itself thin in an effort to accommodate it, worst case focusing too much on edge cases and niche needs while neglecting to do the core things really well. I can respect that and I also don’t want that.

Please, if you reply to my input, make it about the topic and be constructive.