Overlay popup interface

For Keepass there are (browser) web extensions available that include an overlay popup. One of the extensions available is “Kee - Password Manager”. Which is also free/open source. So pretty much all popular password managers have this feature available except for Bitwarden. Which makes you wonder why. If Bitwarden actually is the open source version of 1Password which is closed source it makes sense to keep popular features away from Bitwarden for as long as possible. In any case I do hope this feature gets picked up and some clarity on the roadmap can be given.


As others have stated, according to Fitt’s law this should be in a top priority.

I am shocked that after 4+ years it’s still on the backlog. :frowning:

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Yeah, unfortunately it does cast some doubt over the team’s ability to prioritise effectively, or perhaps they are just prioritising features requested by their enterprise customers over everything else - but even if so, perhaps there is room for improvement in making these prioritisation decisions more transparently. See Bitwarden Roadmap for a lengthy discussion on this, and Release Notes | Bitwarden Help & Support for more info on what they have been working on.

Having said that, it’s an Open Source project, so there’s nothing stopping a developer from contributing the necessary code, or a group of people who want the feature coordinating to raise funds and contracting a developer to code it for them. If you really want it that badly, make it happen! That’s the whole point of Open Source, so take advantage of it.


Kind of amazed so many people want this feature? I found it annoying, what am I missing? Is it that much harder to press the bitwarden icon in chrome and do what you need from there?

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Acquired taste. Some of us have been users of LastPass and 1Password for so long that it is a lot easier to navigate. Sure, it’s easy to get acclimated to Bitwarden the same way if you spend enough time on it. But this was literally the first thing I looked for once I installed Bitwarden. :grin:

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@Jam38 most people hide extensions in chrome toolbar , so the number of clicks to dig to it increases everytime it locks

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You could also right click and fill, though, which I assume is the logical argument here. But the overlay minimizes searching for the option as it’s front and center.

Voted. While I could possibly live with this - despite having some sites with 10+ logins - there is no way I could convince family members to switch without this.
Right now, I’m leaning towards just buying LastPass Family.


For me I really like having the visual indicator that I have credentials saved on a website. I also like seeing how many credentials I have. And then clicking there to select the one I want. Every other autofilling password manager I’ve looked at or used has this feature (Lastpass, RoboForm, 1Password, Nord) and while I’ve gotten used to ctrl+shift+L, I definitely miss the little icon showing in the field.

As many others have said, if this isn’t something you want, it’s as simple as not using the option.

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The bitwarden extension already gives you a visual indicator of how many credentials you have saved for a website, it’s the number that appears over the extension. The difference is that you click on the bitwarden extension in top of the browser instead of clicking the username or password field.

Is it really that much harder to press the extension icon at the top of the browser?

It’s like getting a new car and complaining the volume buttons are in a different location than your last car. Yes, but the volume buttons are still there you just need to reach for a new location.

It just seems you guys are asking for a feature that already exist but the “volume buttons” are just in a different location. And you guys want to add a feature that was never that great to begin with and often made things worse.

This video does an fine job of explaining how annoying lastpass was. The last thing I want is bitwarden to become lastpass.


Yes it is. Please read about Fitt’s Law to help you understand what makes good interface design.

If the volume buttons were in the back of your seat, forcing you to reach behind your back to press them, you would certainly complain.

Yes, a shitty location.

Having said that, as a long-time previous LastPass user, I just got used to pressing Control-Shift-L, which I think is better than LastPass’s overlay interface. But that doesn’t change the fact that Bitwarden is missing a big trick by not implementing this, which is clear from the huge number of users crying out for it and apparently being ignored so far.


I’ve been a paying Bitwarden user for years now and it’s very disappointing to see how little development there has been on this and other issues I care about, like support for european debit cards and Firefox private mode.

I’m the guy people ask which software they should use and the vastly inferior autofill experience has been the reason why I’ve recommended Lastpass so far.

Bitwarden does support alphanumeric credit/debit card numbers.

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I still don’t get it. If that’s the most important thing that you all miss from LastPass, why don’t you just stick to LP?
Couple of years ago I’ve migrated from LP to BW and my choice was based mostly on security basis. Not UX/UI.
I agree that BW has few problems with UI. there are things inconsistent between f.e. web vault & addon & mobile app
But I kind of agree with that and I’m still using BW and paying for it. If if there would be something that would really bothers me, I would just seek another solution…


LP just nerfed free plan thats why bitwarden is receiving an exodus of X-Laspassers , and I also made the switch for before for security reasons, I can`t trust in a password manager that have been hacked twice.


I’m referring to the BIC/SWIFT style bank details that are used for debit payments in Germany.

I need this!!

Funny that this feature has been requested since 2016 even before this forum was up. and it doesn’t seen like any progress has been made

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I have been using BW exclusively for the past 2-3 weeks on all my devices. As much as I hate LP, I have decided to purchase their family plan. This feature is one of the biggest reasons. I am sure I am not alone.

Because LastPass has 1) paywalled previously free features; 2) raised their prices; 3) implemented frequent ads for Premium in the browser extension; and 4) not improved their software. ie. They only care about the almighty dollar. Probably comes from being owned by LogMeIn.

People can take issue with software they used to use, and yet still want the software they currently use to implement similar features that they miss. The “go back where you came from” argument you make is, frankly, tone deaf.