Overlay popup interface

Damn, if we had this feature and " Require master password “re-prompt” for some items " i wouldn’t even miss LastPass anymore :smiley:


It has been 3 years. Can we please get this feature. It is one of the things really missing compared to lastpass


Do we have an ETA on this feature? I’m thinking of switching from LastPass to Bitwarden and this feature is a deciding factor for me.


I found the same, but if Bitwarden wants to capture the LastPass exodus they should implement this regardless. Most people’s habits die hard. Plus there are valid reasons why it can be a better UI than the alternatives, e.g. if you have multiple matching sites then pressing Ctrl+Shift+L repeatedly is not a good UX; nor is moving the mouse up to click the Bitwarden icon in the toolbar, due to Fitts’s law.

I’m not shooting the messenger here since you’re just citing other people’s opinions - but I don’t see how that criticism can be valid. The overlay can be added via the documentReady event handler or similar, and then it would not change the normal page load at all and only kick in after the page has loaded.


Thanks, everyone!

Definitely on our roadmap but no official ETA at this time.


We do have a contribution on this, thought I don’t know how long it would take for completion, and after it, how long it would take for bitwarden to accept the code.


As a recent convert from LastPass and Roboform to Bitwarden, this is by far the number 1 thing I miss - maybe the only thing I miss - so I wanted to chime in my support for its development.

In addition to the mouse travel time to go up to the browser extension to fetch the credentials, I really appreciate instantly knowing if I have saved credentials for a given domain, and a value for have many I have. Just today I’ve been momentarily confused by going to a website and thinking, “Oh crap, I didn’t save credentials for this?” and then remembering that’s not how this works. I’m sure I’ll adjust, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

You could even consider gating it behind premium, I’m sure it would be an incentive feature for people like me coming from Lastpass wanting a familiar behavior.

Finally I understand the concerns others have for security and efficiency. I don’t pretend to be a developer but making it an optional feature seems like that best solution. Being able to enable/disable it for specific domains would be even better.

Thanks - so far really enjoying Bitwarden.


For all people supporting this feature request just don’t forget to upvote it , this is the best way to show to developer how much this feature is desired


This feature is really important to me for getting the less tech savvy people in my life to move over.


Just switched over from Lastpass, loving it so far! That said, this is the the only thing that’s keeping me from recommending Bitwarden to the rest of my family and friends. Voted, please add this.


This is a really important feature for people who have multiple accounts on one site.


Just switched from LastPass after years using it, and this is the thing I miss the most in Bitwarden. Considering I keep the extension hidden in the Chrome toolbar, it’s a lot easier to not only see my credentials right on the input elements, but also to generate new passwords from there.


I was so close to upgrading to the premium plan after switching over from LastPass, but this missing feature is really holding me back, to the point I may carry on using LastPass (as my work provide me a Team account)


@johngeorgine you on the same boat as me . I also hide my extension in chrome toolbar, right now the fastest way to autofill is using ctrl+shift+L, but if you have more than 1 credential in the same website , it will be a pain because it always choose by default the latest used.

But… Pressing it again will fill in next one for this page.

still not the best experience for users with 3+ logins

X-Last pass user here, I totally agree, this feature AND the selective pwd reprompt for certain sites are the main features bitwarden lacks atm.


Just moved from lastpass and really facepalming that this has been a feature request for years. A feature that’s really needed if you want to retain users who jumped the lastpass ship.


This is the deciding factor for me at this very moment whetherI am sticking to Bitwarden long term. 1Password and Lastpass has this feature. It’s convenient. Once you had that, it’s hard to go back.

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I think I am in the same boat as lots of people here as I am a recent transfer from LastPass since they announced the feature changes. The two issues I have with bitwarden are the “re-prompt” for certain items and a auto login icon. I feel that bitwarden should make it a priority to get these features implemented in the next few months (if possible) because as we can all see Lastpass users are coming to Bitwarden and are looking for these features. Also with the affordable price of Bitwarden compared to Lastpass there is a chance that these people (myself included) will purchase the premuim even though they may have had the “free” version of Lastpass.