Overlay popup interface

Thanks for the feedback everyone, currently the quickest way to auto-fill in Bitwarden is by using Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L to cycle through credentials matching the current URI.

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Just chiming in to say the work on this GitHub contribution thread looks the likeliest to evolve into a final implementation.

If you or anyone you know have some experience in web development, feel free to jump in. I myself would love to learn, and absolutely would just to work on this… if only I had more time…

After all, that’s what open source is all about: the community can contribute to the development themselves, rather than just waiting for the company to do everything.

I lack the skills to contribute, so I pay for premium to support the company so they can ‘contribute on my behalf’, if you will. The more individuals who buy premium, the more money Bitwarden makes from individual users rather than enterprises, so the more devs they can hire to implement the features we want. If enterprise users are the only ones paying, it makes sense that the paid developers should prioritize their needs/wants over ours.

Open source is a gift. Don’t look it in the mouth unless you’re prepared to do your part. Upvoting the feature request is one thing; nagging the official devs about it is another.

IMO premium subscribers (and employees of companies that pay for enterprise) should get some kind of flair on this forum, to help amplify voices of those who are actually supporting the project. Also maybe another flair for contributors whose code has made it into a release.


Thank you for the answer.
We see for a few years that this is the quickest way to do so. Would appreciate to know if it’s on any timeline to be implemented.
It has many votes and big discussion, but with no answers :frowning:

Hi @Ran_Shahar thanks for following up. There are a lot of security implications to consider for the overlap popup interfaces and the team will be providing an update shortly regarding the current state of research.