Overlay popup interface

Have you tried using the inline autofill API option instead and turning off the input box overlay? If you’re using Google or SwiftKey keyboards then it will just show your logins in the prediction line of the keyboard instead. (see inline section at Auto-fill Logins on Android | Bitwarden Help & Support)


OMG why I’m so stupid :wink: :zipper_mouth_face: …After I disable Accessibility I do not get an overlay but at top of my keyboard all possible logins.

Sorry for my post on this topic. My problem is solved…


As someone who recently switched away from LastPass, this was definitely a feature of theirs I enjoyed. It feels more secure than autofilling with no prompt, while being less fiddly than having to use a context menu or an addon icon.


Just wanted to add my two cents and say as a LastPass expat I’d also like to see this overlay feature come to Bitwarden.


has anyone from Bitwarden said that this most requested feature is going to be added?

Hi @sorahl, it’s actively being researched as part of the 2022 roadmap: Bitwarden Roadmap


that’s good to hear, I’m looking forward to seeing this in the near future :grin:SoExcited~GIF

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How can I vote against this feature? There are security issues and usability issues with this feature, I like Bitwarden in part because it doesn’t attempt to put an overlay on the web page.


Bitwarden is highly aware of security implications and tends to side with customizability.

So while I do not know of any way to vote against a feature, I believe should this be implemented it will most likely also be able to be toggled and disabled.
Similar to how currently Bitwarden also offers the option for auto-fill on page load, but has to be enabled by the user as a non-standard default.

Some users simply won’t care for the security issues it could cause and would rather have the convenience, I personally like the prospect of the feature coming for users who want it but myself will stick to keyboard shortcuts.


Can you please share more details aroudn the risk of implementing such feature !
I was voting to have this feature but to be honest i did not feel like i need it for the past 1 year,

via using the keyboard shortcut provided with bitwarden
to generate the password if needed !


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As I said previously, I want this feature more for the end users (and family) I support. Having an overlay is quite simply more intuitive, and I am not going to instruct any of them about keyboard shortcuts. Focus on ease of use and intuitiveness is why Apple products are popular.

And certainly you’re not doing yourself any favors by not offering functionality that most of the competition also has.


Most likely Bitwarden will make this feature optional and disabled by default

A bit like autofill on page load is there but disabled until the user enables it

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Can you describe with more details about the security issues?

As far as I know, this should even improve the security by giving the users an explicit visual indication of which fields will be filled. I also don’t know any past security issue related to the popup interface from other password manager extensions that had this feature by default for years and I would even say there is a trend of new extensions using the icon, like DuckDuckGo (#7 most popular on Firefox) and Grammarly (#12).

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Read the first few posts in this thread - that is where they are mentioned. Lastpass already had an issue with their implementation, so I think that has many people concerned about how Bitwarden might implement a similar feature.


Checking back after 1 year (Lastpass families renewal is tomorrow)…
:frowning: Shame it still isn’t implemented.
See you in another year.


Paul, if you are trying to reach the Bitwarden team, you should use the contact form on their website. Otherwise, you are essentially only reaching the user community by posting this here.

It’s really a shame bitwarden still does not have this feature yet after beong requested for all these years.


Just cast vote number 777. Does that mean I hit the jackpot and the feature will actually get implemented?

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Unfortunately not; as quoted in the roadmap post:

“votes might seem like a lot, but it’s not representative of the overall user base.”

Joining the club. Would love a solution to easier autofill it…