Overlay popup interface

adding in… yes PLEASE implement this. I was surprised it isn’t there already, and more surprised when I saw how long this thread is.


I am a long time user of Bitwarden, Pay for self hosting and a business subscription and even promote it’s use for all of the companies I work with on a regular basis. I as well am surprised this has not been implemented as of yet. Please make this happen and do it soon! :slight_smile:

@metalcated - welcome! Check out this community contribution that is underway: Better way of detecting form inputs and submissions


Created an account to express my desire for this. Keep jumping back to 1password for this feature alone, please implement it

If you designed your website where you could type into it and it would search for a best match it would work properly without bitwarden changing a thing.

Current trialing Bitwarden to consider switching from my paid subscription to LastPass. I’ve voted for this feature as I’ll only consider migrating once this has been implemented. Thanks.


Cant wait to have this feature !
any dates to have this feature.

now am using the keyboard shortcut Ctl+shift+9

but i prefer if i can have it on the text field directly.


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This is needed so much please add this feature, Bitwarden is great but this would take it to amazing for me, would even probably drop some money on this if some improvements like this was made. I would also recommend to more family and friends as currently the auto fill is just not user friendly enough. Anyone know if this is actually going to be added?

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Coming to BitWarden from LastPass and for the most I’m enjoying it a lot. That being said the lack of an overlay icon on login fields to click and select which credentials to autofill is somewhat annoying as this seems to be present in every other password manager I’ve used thus far. It’s especially annoying as I switch between Windows for personal use and MacOS for work and remembering different keyboard shortcuts is an added burden. As is I would not considering subscribing to any kind of pay service for BitWarden without this feature as this is something that’s been present in other password managers for years.

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Has this feature at all been considered by the devs?

I’m the onsite workstation IT support at my office, and I’ve been considering the value of implementing the use of an office-wide password manager.

And truth be told, this feature (or lack of it) is something I truly have weighed when considering using Bitwarden for my office.

Hi @chyron8472,

This feature is in the research phase at the moment (noted at the top of the roadmap image). There is a cool contribution that @Folf made that could be considered and does introduce some of this functionality, but we are making sure we understand any/all security scenarios and implications of the feature overall.


I just switched from lastpass and came looking for this feature. Why has it taken 3+ years on such a requested feature, to just get into the exploration phase? Is this because in the open source environment, there just hasnt been anyone to contribute this and so you have to bake it from scratch?

The glacial development pace is disconcerting, having escaped Lastpass which the reason for leaving was the lack of development (and increase of premiums)

I think the reason is that Bitwarden is one of the newest password managers out there, and thus it is still a relatively small development team, and they have been making massive improvements to the software in other areas with higher priority. There are nearly 2000 feature requests like this one, most of them that only affect the convenience of using the app, not the core functionality, so they just can’t all be solved at once.

Plus, not everyone wants this functionality, particularly longstanding Bitwarden users - it seems like a feature that people want ported from their previous password manager. I am glad Bitwarden is prioritizing functionality over popular UX requests, personally, although I am sure many will disagree. :slight_smile:


For my part, as a long-term Bitwarden user, this would be a HUGE boon. I’ve been trying to set up an older relative with a password manager and, since I use Bitwarden myself, wanted to go that route. They’re used to Google autofilling things for them, and without an autofill feature, it’s highly unlikely I can make Bitwarden work for them. It’s not just another user interface issue, it’s an accessibility one that matters (I think) for a lot of people who are technically challenged but need a good password manager.

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There’s an option to autofill on page load:



This. Bitwarden does have autofill functionality.

For my part, having a login field overlay popup is simply a Quality of Life improvement that does somewhat impact my decision making as far as looking to implement it for my office users. I understand the dev team’s priorities toward browser/extension performance, but it just feels a bit more professional to have an overlay than to only access BW from the toolbar.

Also, I am not going to instruct my users to use BW’s keyboard shortcuts. As the workstation support guy for my office, I’m just not going to go there. Just putting that out there.


This is another missing feature (with Yubikey only unlock) compared to Lastpass and any other password manager in the industry. I want to have the choice of filling a field (not autofill) without having to click extension icon on top. Please implement this.

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There’s the right-click context menu or the keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L.

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Oh I didnt think about the right click, thats good enough, thank you.

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I would like to support this idea, because on my Google Pixel 4 I have the problem the current overlay overlays the inputboxes. I can`t put manually data into these fields.

Here you can see my Chrome on my phone when I want to log in with different credentials than the ones I saved.