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I’m not knocking it and I know everyone’s needs are different, but I really don’t get the fascination around this request. If you don’t want to use keyboard shortcuts, there is an icon that sits at the top of the screen and indicates if there are any saved logins available to autofill. What difference does it make if the icon is at the top of the screen or in the form field?


What difference does it make if the icon is at the top of the screen or in the form field?

I’m going to take a stab at this: people expect to have either true autofill or a button prompt, because that’s how virtually everything else behaves. Whether it’s a browser or password manager extension, you can almost always expect to find the auto fill prompt sitting in the login fields.

Harkening back to the last comment I made though, this topic is becoming very old and IMO it’s high time to lock it. Whether or not someone wants this feature at this point is basically irrelevant - enough people have spoken to indicate that they desire it. All that’s left is for the BitWarden team (or a community contributor) to implement it. If someone doesn’t see the need for it, they don’t have to enable it or use it.

What difference does it make if the icon is at the top of the screen or in the form field?

Efficiency & a better user experience.


Hmm, that’s subjective. I find it’s most efficient to hit [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L. As for the user experience, I prefer not to have extensions adding stuff to pages, so I’d switch the option off if it’s ever added.

I’m not saying Bitwarden shouldn’t add it - if a large number of users would find it useful, then as long as it can be done without compromising security, then by all means add it as an option.

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One would argue this is subjective too.

So why add comments to this thread regarding how your personal view (which is subjective just like anyone else’s) on how this would not benefit you or others in the same.

Because it’s a discussion forum. I’m genuinely interested in what benefit people think it adds. Do you only want people to add to this discussion if they agree that it’s a good idea?

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I would think feature request threads should stay on topic in that there should be discussions on how to plan, build, shape what the request should be.

Utilize another thread to have general discussions about security related issues pertaining to overlay or other topics. This thread has now been convoluted with people discussing on how to shoot this request down or the “I’d rather not have/rather not see this feature be implemented”

In fact most other mods from other forums hammer users about staying on topic regarding the thread.

I love using this shortcut as well, but for many sites, I have multiple logins - sometimes quite a few (ie social media where I work with several brands). For another example, all of my family members have a Walgreens account. The NAME on the account indicates who’s account it is (for example, “Walgreens (PenelopePitstop)” ← don’t judge by my old-school cartoon reference :smiley:). The shortcut option fills in an email address or username and password, but I’m not sure who that account corresponds with. Other examples include airlines where the login username is just a member number. I can see the name in the BW titlebar icon, but shifting focus to the title bar or multiple clicks through the contextual menu (right-clicking) 20+ times/day just makes things tedious and aggravating…again, as someone who loves the keyboard shortcut AND who spent many years in LastPass with the in-field popup.

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Bitwarden is designed for each individual vault to be used by one person only (and this is specified in the Terms of Service). Are these shared items?

Also, you may wish to support this feature request:

Then maybe you should use another product. It‘s for your own good that Bitwarden doesn‘t implement that „feature“.

Thanks @AdamEsq, I see your point of view. I have a similar thing where I have set up Nintendo accounts for my kids to allow purchases from the Nintendo eShop. I control the logins so they’re all in my vault. What I usually do is press the keyboard shortcut again, which cycles through the available credentials. This works for me as they all have different usernames.

Yep I used the keyboard shortcut to cycle logins too (e.g. for webhosting where there a separate accounts), however I take the point re usernames that are just numbers or are less obvious - I’ve voted for the toast idea that was mentioned as I think it would do the job nicely for me.


I agree that this works when the usernames are intuitive like with Nintendo accounts (speaking of which - really need to try Goldeneye on the Switch!) It doesn’t work so well when the usernames are numbers like with skymiles or when, as you indicated, we handle our minors’ accounts and the logins are our own email addresses.

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This “toast” thing is interesting and may work for me, however I’m not sure why the tried and true way can’t be implemented for those who don’t like dealing with shortcuts. I would think (and hope) that many of the less-techie people moving to BW are paying for the premium accounts, so these voices should be heard IMO.

I’m not sure if this idea has been said already but I found a workaround that has helped me tremendously to automatically input the passwords quickly. You will need a mouse with at least one programmable button for this. These are my steps for anyone interested:

  1. Disable automatically inputting UN and PW in fields. It could be a security risk.
  2. Enable a keyboard shortcut in BW to input the fields. I used Alt+F.
  3. Go in to your mouse settings and map the programmable button to the same key combination.
  4. Go to the site you need to log in to and click the mouse button you just programmed. BW will input the last credential used on the site. If you have more than one credential for the site, just click the mouse button again and it will cycle to the next one.
    Hope that helps some of you.

In my case it worked to open the url in a new (normal) tab with bitwarden.
Additional: After logging in close the popup, click login again and it will detect that you are already logged in.

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No right here in this feature request

I just bought the paid version of BitWarden and I am instantly going back to another password manager because BitWarden doesn’t have the overlay popup feature. I can’t believe it has been requested for over 5 years and nothing have been done.

No, the keyboard shortcut is not a viable option if you manage a lot of accounts.

Even the very basic default built-in Chrome has this feature.

Wasted my money.


@ungovernable Contact support — you should be able to request a refund.