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I registered in the forum, precisely to request or support a proposal like this one.

I have been using LastPass for many years (6, 8, I do not remember) and this year I decided to try other password managers. After LastPass, I find Dashlane, Bitwarden and Enpass convenient for any user.

What I love about Bitwarden is its integration with Firefox (Bitwarden in the sidebar of Firefox is the best!), But I miss a popup when filling in the password forms.

Okay, they are right that can slow down the performance of the browser on the desktop or that is sometimes annoying as the LastPass (I like to fill in the passwords with the icon in the Firefox bar). But it is a feature that is really needed in Bitwarden for mobile (Android, in my case).

As some say here, there are websites or applications (especially from some banks) that for security reasons are blocked at the time of changing the application (at that time when I have to change to Bitwarden to fill in the fields of the password).

If you improve that in Bitwarden for mobile, there would be no words to describe how great that would be!


Any news on that? Would be really great to see this soon!


This request has been proposed for almost 1 yr now and still waiting… I gave up and switched to a different Password Manager called Myki.
Hope Bitwarden gets around to it at some point.

I abandon Dashlane because their implementation of this (clickable icon in form field) broke too many sites.


When I go to a website and Bitwarden does not automatically fill the login fields then I have to click on the Bitwarden Icon in the browser toolbar and select the account.
For some services I have multiple accounts (like Amazon, where I have an account and my wife also has an account).
Or a security tool where I have an account for my PC and one account for my Virtual Machine.

Kee (the Browser extension for KeePass) shows on the right side of the login fields an Icon that I need to click.
This is a much better user experience, because when I click on the field “Username” then the mouse pointer is already in the field and the Kee icon is right next to it.
In Bitwarden I have longer mouse ways to point to the Bitwarden icon in the toolbar.

Here is a screen shot that is shown at the website of the Google Chrome extension of Kee (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kee/mmhlniccooihdimnnjhamobppdhaolme):


You see the little Kee icon in the field “Username”.
Selecting my entries directly inside the login fields is much faster than going to the toolbar.


Similar thoughts here - Multiple Login Options - If I start typing on the site login, display relevant options for fast fill-in (other topic may be closed in favor of this one).


I Hope “overlay popup” feature added this year :slight_smile:


This is a must have feature…will help in autofilling easily and accurately.


I would say this is a “nice to have” in desktop. I don’t have an opinion on mobile. But I wouldn’t compromise security to any extent in exchange for this. Right now it takes only two clicks: extension button and then account. So it’s not that this is a game changer, only change is the position of the buttons. Those are my two cents.

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This would be a nice addition!

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I would really appreciate this feature. Is there any update?


Any update on this?

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Really usefull feature. Created account just to upvote this :slight_smile:


I don’t find the security issues, page bugs, and performance issues worth while for this feature. I’d push keyboard shortcuts more in the UI and train people how to not need this feature/fill forms even faster without it.

Yeh needed, but not as much as keyboard shortcuts. Not a MVP without keyboard shortcuts for the basic functions.

Lack of keyboard shortcut access to quickly copy Secure Notes is a dealbreaker.

I accept that the security history of password managers injecting themselves to the DOM is not great.

As a low effort alternative, I feel a major improvement to UX would be to make the current extension pop-up work with arrow keys immediately after opening. Currently you have to hit TAB three times before you start cycling through your logins. The selected entry should also be made more visible.

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Just switched, hope this is added soon.


I understand security concerns but even lastpass has the option to disable this, so I don’t get why that’s a concern, maybe focusing on compatibility of one option over the other I guess but imo the dropdown is the much harder when it comes to compatibility, so I don’t see that happening.

If you actually care about privacy and trust bit warden over other solutions such as lastpass or dashlane and maybe even want your friends and family to use it you should support this feature more than anything as average users would easily not use this over other solutions due to this alone. If you want to be blind like people who don’t give a crap about UI/UX and put privacy above all else than you don’t want open source projects like this to succeed against the competition.

It reminds me of caring more about encryption of program data at rest on someones PC over the likelihood of a keylogger or malware just stealing said data while decrypted in memory.

Having an optional instant login feature for Android apps (including in mobile browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc) would be greatly appreciated…

Any traction on this request since it was created in 2018?


I have a WQHD monitor and the login fields are shown normally centered in the website.
So I have a very long distance for the eyes and also the mouse between the login field and the Bitwarden Toolbar button.
Having the controls inside the fields would increase the usability a lot!

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