Outdated iOS instructions

I watched the BW instruction video for installing and enabling the iOS Safari extension. The instructions do not coincide with what appears after installing the extension. The procedure for installing the extension is different from the video instructions and although the instructions state that the extension can be found in the iOS Share menu, the extension is not there.

Are up-to-date instructions available at this time?

Here is the link to the video instructions for iOS which appear to be incorrect or out of date.


The share-sheet may not look the same for all users depending on how they have devices configured, but I believe the process to be pretty much the same currently.

Is there a certain part of the share sheet flow that isn’t working? Bitwarden should show up, if not already in the list, then as an option to add to the share sheet.

Thank you so much sincerely. I was unable to follow the instructions as in the video. The iOS window did not correspond to what was in the video. Sorry. I should send a screenshot. I did click on something called “Install extension.” When I go to a URL some sheet pops up wonderfully asking me if I want to log in. The question I have is that the Bitwarden icon does not show up in the “Share” window. I am trying to follow instructions. I looked but this BW is not available anywhere in the Share window. Yes, I scrolled all over the Share. Many other icons. No BW. I wanted to report my experience ---- thank you again sincerely.