Other browser extensions permissions

A lot of extensions, in chromium based browsers and Firefox, have: complete access to web pages. Can they read bitwarden extension data? Password, notes?

All Bitwarden vault data is encrypted before being sent to Bitwarden servers. See the Encryption Help Center article for more info.

Hi, thanks for the reply. If an extension has “access to sites” does that mean it can read the site address, but in case of encrypted data it cannot access the address? So it can’t read what I read on the page, like plaintext passwords.

Yes, the vault item information you create is only sent to Bitwarden servers after being encrypted. The Bitwarden codebase is also available for anyone to view on Github and is regularly audited by third parties :+1:

You can also read the Bitwarden security whitepaper to dig into what’s going on behind the scenes.