Organization Invite Email Not Being Sent

I created a new organization and sent an invite to a new user who had not yet verified their email address. The organization invite email was never sent – neither before nor after the new user verified their email address.

Selecting the option to re-send the invite does not work. Deleting and re-adding the invite for the user likewise does not work.

I have confirmed that the invite emails are not being sent by reviewing the inbound SMTP mail server logs. It is not an issue of the email being delivered to a spam folder, etc. – no SMTP connection was attempted from BitWarden’s MTA, IP to my mailserver other than the new user’s email address verification email address.

First attempt to re-send invite was approximately 18 hours ago, so it also doesn’t seem like an issue of just giving the email time to arrive.

Only difference I can think of is my account is a Premium account and the new user is still a free account. Doesn’t seem like that should make a difference though.

Any ideas?

Hey there,

I sent an organization invite to an alternate email address that I own, but is not in use at Bitwarden. I successfully received the invite email just seconds after submitting the invite form.

Furthermore, afterwards I revoked the invitation and then registered a new Bitwarden account and tried to send an invite that way and it worked as well.

I’m not sure what the issue was, but maybe try again now and let us know if you’re having issues still.

I think the new user’s email address may have gotten flagged on Bitwarden’s mail server due to some 400 and 500 series SMTP response codes because I forgot to HUP the daemon after creating the address. If I add another email address, the organization invite email comes through immediately, but still not even an attempt to establish an SMTP session with the email address in question.

postfix/cleanup[6082]: 6788210CC: info: header From: "Bitwarden" <[email protected]> from[]; from=<[email protected]> to=<[email protected]> 
proto=ESMTP helo=<>

Looks like the easiest thing may be to just create an email alias for the user.

If we receive bounces from an email, it gets flagged and we won’t send to it again. Send an email to [email protected] with the email and we can clear it from that list if needed.

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Thanks for the info and reply. I had already deleted the account and created a new with a different email address, so I resolved the issue already. Thx though!