Organization - I can't see my wife's passwords

I signed up for Bitwarden, then sent my wife an email to join our Organization.
She signed up and I sent the confirmation email. Now she can see my passwords, but I cannot see her passwords in my Bitwarden app or web browser. HELP!!

Hi @MikeD1 - you will both have your own Personal Vaults, which are private. If you want to share passwords, you will have to move those items to your Family Organization first. Cheers.

It sounds like you’ve put all of your passwords in the Organzation’s vault. How you want it set up is your personal passwords in your own vault (your wife can’t see these), her personal passwords in her vault (you can’t see these), then any credentials that you want to share should be moved to the Organization (you will both have access to these).

Thanks for the input, David. I still don’t understand how my wife can view all of my passwords in her “My Vault”, but I can’t view all of her passwords in either “My Vault” or in the our Organization?

Does she have to add all of her passwords to the Organization before I will have access to them?

Thanks for your input, Dan. I do have all of my passwords in “My Vault”. In my wife’s “My Vault” she has all of her passwords AND my passwords. How can I get all of our passwords in “My Vault”. I’ve tried to read as much as I can in the Help section, but I can’t seem to figure this out!?!

Hi again @MikeD1 - it works like this. Any passwords you create as Owned by the Organization will be shared between both of you. If you create a password that is owned by your username, it will reside only in your Personal (private) vault. This distinction is just where those passwords are stored in the system.

Organizational items can be shared.

Personal items are private and will not be seen by others.

When you look at My Vault in Bitwarden, it displays all of your personal items and all of your shared organizational items.

As Dan mentioned above, if you saved your passwords to the organization and your wife can see them, that’s expected behaviour. If your wife entered her passwords but you can’t see those items, then they must have been created within her personal vault. To share them to you, she must move those items to the organization instead.

This post might provide some more useful info:

Hope that helps!


Thanks for sticking with me, David!
I’ll spend some time working on this later today.

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Yes - until she moves passwords to the Organization, you won’t be able to see them as they are in her personal vault.

Thanks so much, Dan!!