Organisation with no collections (or default collection)

Feature name

Organisation with no collections (or default collection)

Feature function

As it stands currently, an organisation must have at least one collection to function properly. If you attempt to have an organisation with no collections, you can’t move items from your personal account into the org, or create new items in the org. This makes total sense if you have an org that has multiple teams with their own password pools. However, I’ve set up my family as an organisation, with the intention that anything personal is kept on their personal account, and anything shared goes into the organisation.

This means we don’t need more than one collection (or even better, zero collections). If I set up the org with just one collection, I still have to check its checkbox whenever adding a password. This is an annoyance that will discourage my users from using the app. I expect this will also be the case for smaller teams with less intensive password separation concerns.

Current state:

Here’s some screenshots of the current issues. Please excuse the unlinked URLs. I’m a new user so I’m restricted by the new user limitations around embedding images and posting links.

No collections when adding new items:

No collections when moving items:

One collection when adding new item:

One collection when moving an item:

The quick fix:

If there’s only one collection in an organisation; check its box by default when adding a new item.

The better fix:

Add a case for orgs to have no collections, with the ability for passwords to sit in a hidden/ ‘unassigned’ collection. You can currently force items into an unassigned collection by deleting the collections they are part of, but I believe you should be able to deliberately leave them unassigned.