Organisation - if user has 'view/fill only access' why they get prompted the ability to update password?

Title says it all pretty much. I noticed that if the different random password submission is entered - bitwarden prompts a button to update password. As Seen in a post from 2019, it appears this button doesn’t do anything when clicked due to read-only access.

But I just wanted to double check? Because I don’t want to create multiple accounts and someone accidentally updating wrong password could destroy the original copy and only access we have. Thanks in advance!

Even if that worst case happens, every login item has a “trash” section where old entries hang around for a bit. You can manually get rid of these

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oh, that’s cool to know thanks. I did some more googling and searching in the forum and saw people said if the ‘update’ button is clicked it doesn’t do anything if the user has view-only access. So I think it should be fine hopefully. Cheers!