Organisation disabled - Bitwarden auto-payment failed!

I have written twice now to Bitwarden support over the last couple days and I have not heard anything back from them.

The last auto-payment seems to have failed on Bitwarden’s end (I have no attempted/failed payments in my Paypal account) and my Organisation was disabled. I paid the bill manually with my CC and it’s been marked as “Paid” in my Bitwarden account since then, but the Organisation is still disabled!

If there are any Bitwarden staff around, please sort this out as this is creating a real problem for me, a paying customer, through no fault of my own!

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@eab Welcome!

I’ve found the ticket and have escalated it to the team for resolution. In order to get a request prioritized correctly, you must use the email that is on your account when submitting - that way we can tell what organization you’re requesting and/or the status fairly immediately.

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