Option to upload login icon


A really cool feature would be to upload an icon from google or from our computer to use as the icon for that login. This would improve organization, and find those passwords faster by just looking at the logo, etc. It also will make the vault look alot more pleasurable when you can upload the icon of your choice and replace those login icons that couldn’t grab an icon from the site so it uses the ugly grey globe, or different style icon that the user does not like.

Hope this can be taken to consideration, nothing big but would be a cool feature in my opinion. I hope others might find this useful and cool.

It should already do this automatically?

Mines saved the Logos of all the websites I have saved, make sure the URL’s are accurate if you imported, sometimes other Password Management programs dont save the URL’s in the most efficient and correct way, I went thorugh and edited them all to be https and just the site,

Example: https://bitwarden.com/

I would recommend logging into the Online Vault on BitWarden.com as this allows the quickest and easiest way to fix the URL’s through the tools section.

Bitwarden.com > Tools > Unsecured Websites Report.

EDIT: I also just remembered if you go to BitWarden.com > Settings > Options make sure that Disable Website Icons is not checked.

Hi, I know that it uploads the icons automatically, but I would like to upload my own icon or change the icon if I’m not satisfied with the icon it grabbed.

See Custom icons for items. Request is 2 years old :frowning:

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