Option to set Data Breach Report as done by user

Hello everyone,
newly premium Bitwarden member here!

Have feature request: When you on Data Breach Report page, see your email listed in some websites. Then I go and change passwords on all of them, but how to tell Bitwarden that I’m done? I want Bitwarden to check this report for me accurately.

Wish you great and secure day!

Even after you update your password for those sites, your data was still breached. Often a data breach doesn’t include passwords, or includes salted, hashed versions of them. It’s still important to know your data was accessed so you can take appropriate precautions, e.g. watch out for phishing emails, etc.

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So have BW archive/hide/separate entries that are “Done”, rather than removing them.

Login credentials may not be the only things accessed in a data breach, but there doesn’t need to be a breach for your personal information to be “accessed” since your information, activity, and purchasing habits are bought and sold all the time.

Besides that, guarding against phishing emails by regarding any and all not-anticipated account-related correspondence as suspect should be standard practice. ie. If you ever get an account-related email or text, NEVER click on an embedded link. Always go to the website in question manually instead to change account information.