Option to set a default Vault Filter

I propose a change the Bitwarden clients’ vault filter view from a default of “All Vaults” to one that is optionally set by the user. As envisioned, this option would permit the user to set a new default view from a selection of “My Vault”, selected “Orgaization Vault”, or “ALL Vaults”.

The reason for this request: I mostly use the shortcut (crl-shift-L) for account entry. While this works fine for accounts that are only in one vault, if in multiple vaults the information provided could lead to undesired account entry submisison. I then have to change the “ALL Vaults” filter to “My Vault” or a specific organizaition.

A user option to set the Bitward client default vault filter would help user account entries when they are present in both private vaults and organizaitonal vaults (i.e. default to “My Vaults” and only when neccessary change to “All Vaults” or “Organization Vault”.


Agreed - I like the new vault filter feature, but I wish your choice would be persistent. +voted

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Great feedback, and agreed! The team is aware and looking at implementing this one :+1:


Came here to request the same. Would love to have this feature in the browser extensions so I can leave my Work PC set to a “work” vault so when screen sharing, others don’t see my personal accounts, Cards, etc…